Session 6: Electricity market place and impact of regulation

Block 1: New DSOs roles in a digital world


A communication exception event caused by an inappropriate configuration of firewall in Data Center (Disaster Recovery Center) of State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company
H Junyi, L Wrong, State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company, China


Proposed DSO ancillary service processes  considering  smart grid  requirements
A Alkandari, College of Technological Studies, Kuwait, A A Sami, ESRI, Kuwait, A Sami, Consultant at Ministry of Electricity, Egypt


Realising network intelligence through master data exploitation and dynamic data modelling
J Whyte, F Fulton, B Paisley, SP Energy Network, United Kingdom, A White, A Putley, B Robinson CGI, United Kingdom


How to shape digitalization in the energy sector – a new approach for systematic business innovation
B Römer, B Gemsjäger, W Fröhner, Siemens AG, Germany, G Di Lembo Enel Global Infrastructure & Networks, Italy


Modelling metering data flows, from use cases towards implementation
K Boukir, Enedis, France, B Traverson, EDF R&D, France, R Povse, University Ljubljana, Slovenia


INSMART - Towards the new DSO potential roles in low carbon future and integrated frameworks for smart cities
V Nunes, A Rodrigues, T Simão, EDP Distribuição, Portugal, J P Gouveia, CENSE, Portugal


Knowledge transfer efficiency in EDP Distribuição (online tool)
R Bandeirinha, G Faria, H Batista, EDP - Distribuição, Portugal, L Roque, A Almeida, University of Coimbra, Portugal


The experience of implementation of AMI System in Mashhad: The Green Project of FAHAM
A Khazaee, H H Safa, M Ghasempour, M K Moghaddam MEEDC, Iran


AMI rollout strategy and cost-benefit analysis for India
R Pillai, R Bhatnagar, H Thukral, India Smart Grid Forum, India


Next generation smart metering: IP metering
R Pillai, H Thukral India Smart Grid Forum, India


Leveraging social media by utilities for customer engagement
R Pillai, A Sawant India Smart Grid Forum, India


Secondary substations smart metering campaign
D Taborda, A Aires De Matos, J Geria, S Fortunato, EDP Distribuição, Portugal, J Silva, Canas S.A., Portugal


The SORIA smart metering solution
P E Nordbø, H T Ylvisåker BKK Nett AS, Norway


Experiences of using AMI system for DSO's business operation
M Kauppinen, J Pylvänäinen, J Karjalainen, V Sihvola, Elenia Oy, Finland


Unbundled meters can boost Smart City project
D Stanescu, FDEE Transilvania Sud, Romania, M Sanduleac, Univ. Politehica Bucuresti, Romania, D Stanescu, CN Transelectrica SA, Romania


Enhancing stakeholders involvement by smart meters deployment campaign
B Coutinho, E Ferreira, R Pena, V Nunes EDP Distribuição, Portugal


Data Mining on Technical and Customer Service Data of a Brazilian DISCO to Increase Customer Satisfaction
L C Siebert, E K Yamakawa, E J Da Silva Jr, L de Medeiros, Lactec Institutes, Brazil, A Catapan, COPEL, Brazil


Towards New Data Management Platforms for a DSO as Market Enabler – UPGRID Portugal Demo
A Alonso, R Couto, H Pacheco, R Bessa, C Gouveia, L Seca, INESC TEC, Portugal, J Moreira, P Nunes, P G Matos, EDP Distribuição, Portugal, A Oliveira, WITHUS, Portugal


Developing a Framework for the Customer Model of the Future
M McGranaghan, O Siddiqui, K Smith, EPRI, United States

Block 2: Development of regulation


Regulation for insertion of small scale intermittent renewable energy distributed generation in Argentina
A Jurado, F Nicchi, E Vinson, UBA, Argentina


Innovation incentives for DSOs - a must in the new energy market development
O Günther, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH, Germany, S Politopoulou, HEDNO, Greece, D Verreth, Enexis, Netherlands


Forecast the grid oriented battery operation to enable a multi-use-approach and discussion of the regulatory framework
S Nykamp, T Rott, Westnetz GmbH, Germany, K Keller, University of Twente, Netherlands, T Knop, Innogy SE, Germany


The smart grid roadmap and regulation approaches in Switzerland
M D Galus, Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), Switzerland


Evaluation of regulatory impacts on investments of distributed generation and upstream network under uncertainty: a new stochastic bi-level model
F Misaghi, Monenco, Iran, T Barforoushi Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, Iran


Developing a combinatorial reward-penalty scheme to facilitate integration of distributed generations
M Jooshaki, A Abbaspour, M Fotuhi-Firuzabad, M Moeini-Aghtaie, Sharif University of Technology, Iran


Regulatory matters affecting distribution planning with distributed generation
M Alvarez, S Rönnberg, M Bollen, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, R Cossent, Pontifical University of Comillas, Spain, J Zhong, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Modelling the influence of subsidization on electric distribution company performance: case study
B Adeli, Electrical Distribution Co. Gilan, Iran


A probabilistic framework of cooperative disperse generation resources scheme for producing required reactive power through simultaneous active and reactive power market
M Shamani, H Ahmadi, M Ramezani, Tehran province DISCO, Iran


Incentives in supply continuity regulation and setting its parameters in the Czech Republic
P Skala, EGU Brno, a.s., Czech Republic, J Sefranek Energy Regulatory Office, Czech Republic


Non-technical losses: detection methods and regulatory aspects overview
C Papadimitriou, G Messinis, NTUA, Greece, D Vranis, S Politopoulou, N Hatziargyriou, HEDNO, Greece


Role transition and development strategies for SPG in the marketization reform
W Lin, Y Zhang, Tsinghua University, China, H Zhang, SPG, China


National platform for information on customer interruptions and outages in Denmark
P K Hansen, Danish Energy Association, Denmark, T K Asmussen, SEAS-NVE Net A/S, Denmark, K C Jensen, EnergiMidt Net A/S, Denmark


Designetz: a modular concept for the energy transition - from isolated solutions to an efficient energy system of the future
E Wagner, Westnetz GmbH, Germany, A Breuer, O H Franz, innogy SE, Germany


Development of the utilization and smart grid incentive scheme within the Swedish revenue cap regulation
B Fazlagic, E Shayesteh, P Hilber, KTH, Sweden, C J WallnerströmSwedish Energy Markets Inspectorate (EI), Sweden


Analyses of the current Swedish revenue cap regulation
C J Wallnerström, E Grahn, T Johansson, Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate (EI), Sweden


Enabling Distributed Energy Resources To Enter The Energy Market and Supporting The Evolution To A Distribution System Operator
L McDonald, A R Ahmadi, S Do, S Georgiopoulos UK Power Networks, United Kingdom


Regulation for the Brazilian Cooperatives (Application of Soft-Regulation)
M A Pelegrini, F R Miranda, I O Cyrillo, Sinapsis Inovação em Energia, Brazil, J C M De Carvalho, Força & Luz Engenharia, Brazil, E P Madruga, E D Garcia, Certaja Energia, Brazil, M S Marques, Cermissões, Brazil


Market Models for the Development of Recharging Infrastructure in Brazil
L Rolim, M Marques, CPqD, Brazil, D Leite, CPFL, Brazil, C Silveira Daimon, Brazil


A MILP Algorithm to Set Bids for Ancillary Services in the Next Italian Market for Distribute Generation
E Corsetti, A G Guagliardi, C Sandroni, RSE, Italy


Designing a Comprehensive Separated Regulation Mechanism of Distribution Companies Considering Short and Long Term Asset Management
S-M Miri Larimi, M-R Haghifam, M H Bahmani, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran, M Zangiabadi, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Block 3: Enabling flexibility


Technical impacts on distribution systems of medium-sized storage plants participating in energy and power reserve markets
J-F Toubeau, Z De Grève, F Vallée, University of Mons, Belgium


Innovative tariff system for public LV DC distribution network
I Melnik, A de Kuiper Alliander, Netherlands


Research on bidirectional decision-making for load aggregators participating in market transactions and load dispatching
K Zhang, Y Yu, Electric Power Research Institute, China, Y Song, Z Yan, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


Energy storage capacity optimization for load aggregators considering the probability of demand response resources' breach
K Zhang, Y Yu, Electric Power Research Institute, China, Y Song, Z Yan, Shanghi Jiao Tong University, China


E-CLOUD, the open microgrid in existing network infrastructure
D Vangulick, ORES, Belgium/ Université de Liège, Belgium, B Cornelusse, Université de Liège, Belgium, T Vanherck, University of Mons, Belgium, O Devolder, N-SIDE, Belgium, S Lachi, RESA, Belgium


Providing smart metering data services through an EU market place
K Boukir, Enedis, France, D Wästlund, Vattenfal, Sweden, B Traverson, EDF R&D, France, F Schwarzlaender, Sap, Germany, S Defrancisci e-distribuzione, Italy


Energy services bridging the gap between residential flexibility and energy markets
R André, G Mendes, A Neto, P Castro, EDP NEW R&D, Portugal, A Madureira, J Sumaili, C Gouveia, L Carvalho, INESC TEC, Portugal, T Rautiainen, Empower, Finland, C Murphy O'Connor, INDRA, Spain, A Michiorri, A Bocquet, A Gerossier, MINES-Paris Tech PERSEE PSL-Research University, France


Comparative study between: time of use and real-time pricing using fuzzy technique
A S Ahmed, Petroleum Pipe Line Co., Egypt, F Bendary, Banha University, Egypt, H M M Mostafa, Egyptian Electricity Holding Co., Egypt


The project "Power-to-heat in Smart Grids"- a multi-objective approach for a maximized value of flexibilities in grids
C Fuchs, S Nykamp, E Frerichmann, Westnetz GmbH, Germany, D Dillkötter, Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany, D M Gross, M Lewalter Innogy S.E., Germany


Demand side management controlling with personalized pricing method
M H Yaghmaee, M S Kouhi, A Saeedi, M Zabihi MEEDC, Iran


Economic evaluation of the grid tariff for households with solar power installed
H Sæle, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway, B A Bremdal, University of Tromsø (UiT), Norway/Smart Innovation Østfold, Norway


Challenges for utility with energy prosumer in Korea
J-S Park, H-J Lee, D-Y Kim, KEPCO, South Korea


Wind energy production variations in continental portugal: an analysis of the combined effects of spot market price and feed-in tariff costs
R Prata, IST, Portugal/EDP Distribuição, Portugal, P M S Carvalho, IST, Portugal, I L Azevedo, Carnegie Mellon University, United States


Sensible project community engagement both in Évora and Nottingham demonstrator sites
G Mendes, EDP NEW R&D, Portugal, A J Pinto, EDP SA, Portugal, J Marsh, MOZES, United Kingdom, L Rodrigues, L Kiamba, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom


Development of power-based tariff structure for small customers and pathway for this change
R Apponen, P Heine, J Lehtinen, Helen Electrity Network, Finland, M Lehtonen, Aalto University, Finland, K Lummi, P Järventausta Tampere University of Technology, Finland


Creating a local energy market
B A Bemdal, Smart Innovation Østfold, Norway/University of Tromsø, Norway, P Olivella-Rosell, J Rajasekharan, I Ilieva, Smart Innovation Østfold, Norway


Behavior of active household customers on the electricity market - findings from market test Smart Grid Gotland
C Svalstedt, Vattenfall, Sweden, M Löf Vattenfall R&D, Sweden


Costing network services for consumers with PV self-generation
M Bordigoni, L Gilotte Enedis, France


Impacts of different power-based distribution tariffs for customers
J Haapaniemi, J Haakana, J Lassila, S Honkapuro, J Partanen, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland


Virtual power plants leveraging energy flexibility in regional markets
T Duerr, Siemens AG, Germany, I Miller, Northern Power Grid, United Kingdom, D Geach, Siemens Plc, United Kingdom


EPEDC ELEGAME: an integrated model using gamification and data mining to revolutionize utilities' functions
A Yousefi, Esfahan Province Electricity Distribution Co., Iran


Categorisation of electricity customers based upon their demand patterns
M Lindén, J Helbrink, M Nilsson, D Pogosjan, J Ridenour, A Badano SWECO, Sweden


Reforming distribution tariffs of small customers - targets, challenges and impacts of implementing novel tariff structures
A Rautiainen, K Lummi, A Supponen, J Koskela, S Repo, P Järventausta, Tampere University of Technology, Finland, S Honkapuro, J Partanen, J Haapaniemi, J Lassila, J Haakana, N Belonogova Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland


Analysis of transition steps towards power-based distribution tariff of small customers
K Lummi, A Rautiainen, P Järventausta, Tampere University of Technology, Finland, P Heine, J Lehtinen, R Apponen, M Hyvärinen, Helen Electricity Network Ltd., Finland


Automation of the supplier role in the GB power system using blockchain based smart contracts
L Thomas, C Long, P Burnap, J Wu, N Jenkins, Cardiff University, United Kingdom


Testing and validation of the ACCESS system
K Jennett, F Coffele, I Abdulhadi, PNDC, United Kingdom, B Stephen University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom


Simplification and Evaluation of Demand Response by the use of Statistical Aggregated Models
C Alvarez, IIE-UPV, Spain, J I Moreno, G López, U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, A Gabaldón, A Guillamón, ETSII, Spain, M C Ruiz-Abellón, UPCT, Spain, J Matanza, IIT-ICAI, Spain, S Valero-Verdú, M López, EPSE, Spain


Valuation of Harnessing Flexibility from Decentralized Water Electrolysis Systems for the DSO
K A Strang, M Delage, Enedis, France, J-C Lanoix, J Neave, F Barth, Hinicio, France, B François Centrale Lille L2EP, France

Block 4: Asset and Risk Management


International review of how power sector developments are responding to changing system characteristics
N Hughes, Enertech Consulting Ltd, United Kingdom


Asset risk indices: commonality, diversity and usage - the history in UK electricity distribution
M Black, G Howarth, M Nicholson, Northern Powergrid, United Kingdom


Energy management and planning in smart cities
A Navidi, F A S Khatami, Tehran Electrical Distribution Company, Iran


What does a distribution system operator need to know about the findings of the future power system architecture project?
O Carpenter, Ricardo Energy & Environment, United Kingdom, J Devlin, D McNaught, Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd, United Kingdom, R Duck, Mapsar Ltd, United Kingdom


The new requirements of information security protection on State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company Data Center compared to Disaster Recovery Center
J Hu, R Lu, State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company, China


Guidelines for modernizing existing electrical switchgear in LV and MV networks
G Barbarin, D Seignier, Schneider Electric, France, A Gerstner, Schneider Electric, Germany


Addressing the challenge of cyber security maintenance through patch management
A Gauci, Schneider Electric, Canada, S Michelin, M Salles, Schneider Electric, France


Determining failure probabilities with qualitative characteristics for risk estimation in the SGAM
M van Amelsvoort, OFFIS Institute for Information Technology, Germany


Outsourcing asset construction: EDP Distribuição quality assurance strategy
H Batista, R Bandeirinha, E Silva, J Santos EDP - Distribuição, Portugal


Enabling distributed energy resources: priorities for future active operation of distribution networks and interactions with transmission
K Bell, S Gill, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom


Indian manual for cyber security in power systems
R Pillai, H Thukral, India Smart Grid Forum, India, R Sarangapani, National Thermal Power Corporation, India


A whole system perspective for energy systems
R Hudson, P Lawton, Energy System Catapult, United Kingdom


Review of asset management in distribution systems of electric energy - Implications in the national context and Latin America -
D Nieto, Jujeña Energy Company S.A., Argentina, J C Amatti, Rio Cuarto National University, Argentina, E Mombello, San Juan National University, Argentina


Technical and financial assessments for comparison of measurement technologies in the Smart City Buzios Project
V Ferreira, M Fortes, B Borba, W Marques, R Maciel, T Ferreira, FFU, Brazil, W Correia, ENEL, Brazil


Does cyber security moving toward risk management lead to new grid organization?
D Giarratano, L Guise, J-Y Bodin, Schneider Electric, France


Scaling expertise via utilisation of an outsourced low voltage fault management business model
J Rodgers, S Beattie, Camlin, United Kingdom


"End-to-End" strategic asset management process to support asset service on community level
A Eiting, G Schatz, KWH Netz GmbH, Germany, T Dürauer, H Spitzer entellgenio, Germany


Cyber security - security strategy for distribution management system and security architecture considerations
T Sukumara, T Vittor, ABB inc., United States, S D Sudarsan, ABB Corporate Research, India, J Starck ABB Oy, Finland


Evolution of the quality of supply in the Portuguese distribution system
J J Cardoso, F Gonçalves, J A Antunes, F Bastião, A Cunha, N Melo, J F Pinto, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


Implementing optimization functionality on network management platforms for new DSO business models
P Almeida, L Kane, M Collins, C Breaden, E Davidson, G Ault, Smarter Grid Solutions, United Kingdom


Decomposition of load components using date measured in the beginning of subtransmition substations
N Karimipoor, Charmahal Bakhtiari distribution company, Iran, S Asgari, Niroo research institute, Iran


Changing the DSO to Reap the Full Benefits of Smart Grids
J F Nunes, R M Gonçalves, R Machado, J M de Carvalho, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


Assessment of Electricity Distribution Companies Risks in the Brazilian Energy Market Framework
V L de Matos, G Matiussi, R C Machado, Plan4 Engenharia, Brazil, R L Antunes, M T Coelho, CELESC, Brazil


Efficient Decision Making supported by ISO 55000
O Förster, meliorate GmbH, Germany, M Zdrallek University of Wuppertal, Germany


Virtual Assessment Within 24 Hours of a Disaster
M Coleman, Fugro Roames, Australia, C Boreland, Fugro Geospatial, United Kingdon, R Hoddenbach, Fugro Geospatial, Netherlands


Identifying Infrastructure Change in the 4th and 5th Dimensions
M Coleman, Fugro Roames, Australia, P Carberry, Fugro Inc., United States, R Hoddenbach, Fugro Geospatial, Netherlands