Session 5: Planning of power distribution systems

Block 1: Risk assessment and asset management


Evaluation of the reliability of the electricity distribution systems by DEMATEL method
M Rahmanpouri, A Mighi, Electrical Power Distribution of Great Tehran, Iran, J H Dehavi, Tehran University, Iran


Experience and tendencies after 40 years outage data registration in The Netherlands
H Wolse, Movares, Netherlands, G Geist, Cogas Infra & Beheer BV, Netherlands, B Hoving, Enexis BV, Netherlands, P Oosterlee, Enduris, Netherlands, H Polman, Liander, Netherlands


Where to replace assets? Spatial analysis on differential aging of low voltage PILC cables
R Verweij, D V Houwelingen, A Prein, Stedin Netbeheer BV, Netherlands


Innovative analytics to estimate the probability of failure and remaining useful life of medium voltage breakers
M Scarpellini, K Perdon, L Cavalli, M Testa, ABB SpA, Italy


A mobile application for on-site risk based decision support
G Solum, TrønderEnergi Nett, Norway, B I Langdal, Powel, Norway, D E Nordgård, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway


Urban distribution network reliability simulation and strategies of successive refurbishment of distribution transformer stations
Z Brettschneider, S Votruba, PREdistribuce, as, Czech Republic, P Skala, EGU Brno, as, Czech Republic


Effects of configuration options on reliability in smart grids
D Schacht, D Lehmann, L Kalisch, H Vennegeerts, S Krahl, A Moser, FGH eV, Germany


A reliability and cost assessment methodology for medium voltage feeders
C Roduner, E Taxeidis, BKW Energie, Switzerland, S Karagiannopoulos, G Hug, ETH, Switzerland


Improving asset knowledge using system management based on IEC-61850
M Gillaux, F Lemenager, T Coste, EDF, France


Utilities and smart asset management - challenge of the digital era
L Kolar, P Lang, D Kouba, E.ON, Czech Republic


Distribution network operator asset risk management
D Neilson, S Bradshaw, A Santandreu, A Elena, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Operational excellence in optimal planning and utilization of power distribution network
B Jamshidieini, AEPDC, Iran/Tehran University, Iran, K Rezaie, Tehran University, Iran, N Eskandari, A Dadashi, AEPDC, Iran

Block 2: Network development


Capacity management of low voltage grids using universal smart energy framework
E Coster, H Fidder, M Broekmans, Stedin, Netherlands, C Koehler, Venios, Germany


Innovative solution of safety corridor design for overhead lines: Increasing resilience to extreme weather events while providing environmental benefits – Results
M I Verdelho, R Prata, S Pereira, A Couto, EDPD, Portugal, M Vieira, FloraSul, Portugal, V Tomás, EDP Labelec, Portugal


Pioneering smart grids for Indonesia - the case of a smart grid roadmap development
B Römer, Y Julliard, Siemens AG, Germany, R Fauzianto, M J Poddey, GIZ, Indonesia, I Rendroyoko, PLN, Indonesia


Reactive power management by distribution system operators – concept and experience
W Becker, Mitteldeutsche Netzgesellschaft Strom mbH, Germany, M Hable, ENSO NETZ GmbH, Germany, M Malsch, P&M Power Consulting GmbH, Germany, T Stieger, WEMAG-Netz GmbH, Germany, F Sommerwerk, Thueringer Energienetze GmbH & Co KG, Germany


Challenges and opportunities of 5G in power grids
G Bag, L Thrybom, ABB Corporate Research, Sweden, P Hovila, ABB OY, Finland


Construction of actual LVDC distribution line
Y Cho, H J Kim, J Kim, J Cho, J Kim, KEPCO Research Institute, South Korea


Recognize the need for innovation and smart solutions for distribution
D Vornicu, L Predescu, CEZ Romania, Romania


Demonstration of remote microgrid system in Korean Island
J Won, W Chae, H Lee, J Park, J Sim, C Shin, KEPCO, Korea


Planning 100% renewable energy islands - the case of the Caribbean Island of Montserrat
B Römer, Y Julliard, Siemens AG, Germany, K Aldonza, GIZ REETA, Guyana, O Lewis, Government of Montserrat, Montserrat


Demonstration of LVDC distribution system in island
H J Kim, Y Cho, J Kim, J Cho, J Y kim, KEPCO Research Institute, South Korea


MV grids development and automation
D Kouba, L Kolar, J Celeda, M Jurik, E.ON Distribution, Czech Republic


Planning of autonomous smart micro grid for electrification of remote villages in MEDC
M Sharifzadeh, F Separi, M Heydari, MEDC, Iran


Initial designs for ANGLE-DC project: challenges converting existing AC cable and overhead line to DC operation
J Yu, K Smith, M Urizarbarrena, M Bebbington, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom, N MacLeod, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, United Kingdom, A Moon, EA Technology, United Kingdom


Control and automation functions at the TSO and DSO interface – impact on network planning
F Pilo, University of Cagliari, Italy, G Mauri, RSE, Italy, B Bak-Jensen, University of Aalborg, Denmark, E Kämpf, Fraunhofer Institut, Germany, J Taylor, EPRI, United States, F Silvestro University of Genova, Italy


Strategic interconnected network transitioning
M Bebbington, A Elena de Leonardo, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom, R Bryans, TNEI Services Ltd, United Kingdom


Comparison of LVDC distribution network alternatives: full-DC vs. link-type solutions
J Karppanen, T Kaipia, P Nuutinen, A Mattsson, A Lana, A Pinomaa, P Peltoniemi, J Partanen, LUT, Finland, T Hakala, T Lähdeaho, Elenia Oy, Finland


Cost-benefit analysis for using the li-ion batteries in low-voltage network for decreasing outage time experienced by customers
O Vilppo, J Markkula, P Järventausta, Tampere University of Tecnology, Finland, S Repo, T Hakala, Elenia Oy, Finland


Measurement concept for efficient planning of distribution grids
M Eisenreich, Y Farhat, M Freunek (Müller), BKW Energie AG, Switzerland


Fractal Grid - Towards The Future Smart Grid
N Retiere, Y Sidqu, Uni. Grenoble Aples, France, G Muratore, G Kariniotakis, A Michiorri, R Girard, MINES Paris Tech, France, P Frankhauser, A Poirson, Université de Franche-Comté, France, J-G Caputo INSA de Rouen, France


Flexible network operation
M Istad, H Kirkeby, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway, P E Nordbø, O H Eliassen, R A H Hjelme, O J Hatlen, BKK Nett, Norway


Challenges, innovative architectures and control strategies for future networks: the web-of-cells, Fractal Grids and other concepts
G Kariniotakis, MINES ParisTech, PSL-Research University, PERSEE, France, L Martini, RSE, Italy, C Caerts, VITO, Belgium, H Brunner, AIT, Austria, N Retiere, G2Elab-UGA, France


DMS advanced applications for accommodating high penetrations of DERs and microgrids
A Maitra, T Hubert, EPRI, United States, J Reilly, Reilly Associates, United States, J Wang, R Singh, N Kang, X Lu, ANL, United States, A Pratt, S Veda NREL, United States

Block 3: Distribution planning


Optimal allocation of capacitor devices on MV distribution networks using crow search algorithm
A M Shaheen, South Delta Electricity Distribution Company (SDEDCo), Ministry of Electricity, Egypt, R A El Sehiemy, Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt


Increase the hosting capacity of 4-wire Low Voltage supply network for embedded solar generators by optimising generator and load placement on the three supply phases
P K C Wong, Jemena, Australia, A Kalam, Victoria University, Australia, R A Barr, Electric Power Consulting, Australia


Risk based procedure for network automation planning in radial distribution networks with distributed generation
Ž Popovic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, S Knezevic, Schneider Electric DMS NS, Serbia


Comparison between static and dynamic curtailment of RES in probabilistic high voltage distribution grid planning
P Wiest, K Rudion, S Eberlein, University of Stuttgart, Germany, A Probst, Netze BW GmbH, Germany


A holistic network planning approach: enhancement of the grid expansion using the flexibility of network participants
L Jendernalik, D Giavarra, Westnetz GmbH, Germany, C Engels, University of Applied Sciences Dortmund, Germany, J Hiry, C Kittl, C Rehtanz, Technical University Dortmund, Germany


OMAP (Organisational Memory Aided Planning): an integrated planning tool using concepts of knowledge management and multi-objective optimisation
C C B Oliveira, A Meffe, D Takahata, P H Baumann, R L Marcondes, DAIMON, Brazil, R H Guembarovski, N Alencastro, D C S Prado , CELESC, Brazil


Optimal recloser deployment to leverage self-healing: a techno-economic robustness assessment
E Rodrigues, I Miranda, N Silva, EFACEC, Portugal, H Leite, University of Porto, Portugal


Flexibility options for medium voltage grid planning
T Kornrumpf, M Zdrallek, University of Wuppertal, Germany, M Roch, Stadtwerke Radevormwald GmbH, Germany, D Salomon, Wupperverband, Germany, P Pyro, I Hobus, Wupperverbandsgesellschaft für integrale Wasserwirtschaft, Germany


Optimal sizing of distribution network transformers considering power quality problems of nonlinear loads
S Bahramara, Islamic Azad University, Iran, F G Mohammadi, Kurdistand Electrical Power Distribution, Iran


Multi-temporal robust expansion planning of distribution grids considering uncertainties and curtailment of RES
J Ziegeldorf-Wächter, A Moormann, S Krahl, A Moser, FGH e.V., Germany


Local forecasting could identify future LV bottlenecks
M Klerx, S Cobben, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, A Jongepier, Enduris BV, Netherlands


Suitable methods for neutral grounding of Xining's distribution networks
A Ettinger, T Connor, Siemens AG, Germany, Q B Liu, State Grid Qinghai, China, H B Xue, Y J Tang, G H Song, State Grid Xining, China


On the use of the game theory to study the planning and profitability of industrial microgrids connected to the distribution network
C Stevanoni, F Vallée, Z De Grève, O Deblecker, University of Mons, Belgium


Utilizing observability analysis to cluster smart inverters on secondary circuits for residential deployment
D Montenegro, M Bello, B York, J Smith, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), United States


Optimal planning of EV charging network based on fuzzy multi-objective optimisation
K Qian, State Grid Corporation of China, China, J Gu, X Zhang, H Zhou, Nantong University, China, C Zhou, Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom, Y Yuan, Hohai University, China


Behaviour analysis of an operational planning tool facing activation probabilities, for near optimal operation of smart grids
J Sayritupac, E Vanet, R Caire, C Larios, G2Elab, France


Planning of flexible power source in power distribution systems with high penetration of dispersed generation
W Sun, K Tian, S Jia, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China


Case Study of the distribution system planning for a multi-divided and multi-connected system.
M Miyata, S Koizumi, M Watanabe, TEPCO Power Grid, Japan, M Kuroiwa,Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Japan


Impact of meshed grid topologies on distribution grid planning and operation
D Wolter, M Zdrallek, M Stötzel, University of Wuppertal, Germany, C Schacherer, I Mladenovic, Siemens AG, Germany, M Biller, FAU University Erlangen, Germany


A new approach to large distribution network optimization using modern implementation of benders decomposition
N D'Addio, M Forbes, Queensland University, Australia, A M A K Abeygunawardana, G Ledwich, M shafiei, Queensland University of Technology, Australia


Active distribution network planning based on a hybrid genetic algorithm-nonlinear programming method
N Koutsoukis, P Georgilakis, N Hatziargyriou, NTUA, Greece


Impacts of fast charging of electric buses on electrical distribution systems
D Steen, L A Tuan, Chalmers Univ. of Tech, Sweden


Automated smart grid planning considering flexibility options and voltage regulating assets
S Koopmann, F Potratz, P Goergens, M Cramer,RWTH Aachen University, Germany


A comparison of convex formulations for the joint planning of microgrids
B Martin, E De Jaeger, F Glineur, UCL, Belgium


Evaluation of PV hosting capacities of distribution grids with utilization of solar-roof-potential-analyses
F Ebe, B Idlbi, J Morris, G Heilscher, Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Germany, F Meier, Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm Netze GmbH, Germany


Effects of network reinforcement options on energy losses
S Blake, I Sarantakos, P Taylor, Newcastle University, United Kingdom


Methodology to support the CapEx allocation in a global scenario with multiple companies, ENEL case study
G Palumbo, G Licasale, Enel SPA, Italy, A Rojas Orbes, Enel-Codensa, Columbia


Assessment of the impact of demand side management on distribution network voltage stability
X Tang, J V Milanovic, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom


Key findings of DS2030 - a study in to future GB distribution network operations
S Carter, Ricardo Energy & Environment, United Kingdom, G Williamson, J King, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, United Kingdom, V Levi, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom, J McWilliam, Energy Networks Association, United Kingdom


A method for flexible long-term planning with agile adaption to changing requirements
J Bader, B Heimbach, E Kaffe, D Mountouri, ewz, Switzerland


Distribution grid planning considering smart grid technologies
B Nasiri, C Wagner, U Häger, C Rehtanz, TU Dortmund University, Germany


Cost/benefit analysis for energy storage exploitation in distribution systems
G Celli, F Pilo, G Pisano, G G Soma, University of Cagliari, Italy


Grid planning by integrate customer meters
N Andersreen, H Vester, T H Bentsen, SEAS-NVE, Denmark


Flexibilities in grid planning : case studies on the French distribution system
J Boubert, A Bouorakima, Y Desgrange, Enedis, France


Artificial intelligence potential in power distribution planning
A Van der Mei, J P Doomernik, Duinn, Netherlands, Enexis, Netherlands


Grid value and defection: a demand perspective
A Van der Mei, Duinn, Netherlands, J Doomernik, Enexis, Netherlands


Smart planning: an innovative tool for the investment planning of smart distribution networks
P Chittur Ramaswamy, C Del Marmol, D Schyns, F-X Bouchez, S Rapoport, Tractebel, Belgium, D Vangulick, ORES, Belgium


Technical Comparison of Measures for Voltage Regulation in Low-Voltage Grids
J Bogenrieder, O Glass, P Luchscheider, C Stegner, J Weller, ZAE Bayern, Germany


An Analytical Method to Assess the Impact of Distributed Generation and Energy Storage on Reliability of Supply
A Escalera, IMDEA Energy, Spain/University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, B Hayes, NUI Galway, Ireland, M Prodanovi?, IMDEA Energy, Spain


Analysing the Effect of Increasing Renewable Capacities in Great Britain on the Regional Allocation and Wholesale Prices
S Lupo, A E Kiprakis, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, M Ruppert, V Slednev, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany


Risks of determining the optimal technical solution of power plant connection to distribution network
M Cavlovic, HEP-ODS doo, Croatia


Determination of relevant Network planning cases
S Patzack, H Vennegeerts, A Moser, FGH eV, Germany


Economically efficient distribution network design
P Djapic, G Strbac, Imperial College London, United Kingdom


A methodology to allocate automatic reclosers in large power distribution networks
C F M Almeida, J CC Amasifen, R A Spalding, E L Ferrari , N Kagan, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, H Kagan, Sinapsis Inovacao Em Energia, Brazil, D Mollica, A Dominice, L Zamboni, M A P Fredes, G H Batista, EDP, Brazil


Evolution of electrical distribution grid sizing considering self-consumption of local renewable production
A Rogeau, T Barbier, R Girard, MINES ParisTech, France, N Kong, ENEDIS, France


Evaluation of the Impact of Plug-In Electric Vehicles in Greek Distribution Network
E Voumvoulakis, E Leonidaki, G Papoutsis, N Hatziargyriou, HEDNO, Greece


Simultaneous optimization of tie switches placement and reserve capacity margin of Sub-Transmission substations considering the conflict between Short-term and Long-term planning
M Hoseinpour, M-R Haghifam, S M Miri Larimi, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran, M Zangiabadi, Newcastle University, United Kingdom


Demonstration of an actively managed planning approach for connection of renewable generation
S Conner, G Harrison, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Towards more cost-effective PV connection request assessments via time-series based grid simulation and analysis
A Ulbig, S Koch, Adaptricity, Switzerland, C Antonakopoulos, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Block 4: Methods and tools


Dealing with sparse smart metering data in techno-economic analysis of low voltage networks
F Vallée, M Hupez, F Toubeau, Z De Grève, University of Mons, Belgium


Analysis of probabilistic load flow using point estimation method to evaluate the quantiles of electrical networks state variables
G Plattner, EDF - R&D, France, H Farah Semlali, N Kong, Enedis, France


Long-term forecasting of reactive power demand in distribution networks
C Kaloudas, R Shaw, Electricity North West Ltd, United Kingdom


Elektro Gorenjska CIM project
B Rozic, D Mlakar, M Gruden, GDB doo, Slovenia, N Petrovic, Elektro Gorenjska, Slovenia


Advancement in state grasping method of MV distribution network for short-term and mid-term planning
H Ishikawa, T Yamada, K Sada, Chubu Electric Power Company Inc, Japan, T Takano, N Itaya, Mitsubishi Electric Corp, Japan, H Ohtsu, Mitsubishi Electric Information Network Corp, Japan


Resilience of the DSO network near 50.2Hz
D Vangulick, T V Cutsem, ORES, Belgium/University of Liège, Belgium, D Ernst, University of Liège, Belgium


Impact of PV distributed generation on EDP Distribuição LV grid losses
M I Verdelho, R Prata, EDPD, Portugal, P Carvalho, J Machado, IST/INESC-Id, Portugal


A model to simulate medium voltage active networks with an aggregated view of the low voltage ends
A Pagnetti, G Malarange, EDF R&D, France, F Pilo, S Ruggeri, University of Cagliari, Italy


Effects of asymmetrically connected PV and battery systems on the node voltages and PEN-Conductor currents in low voltage grids
M Wagler, R Witzmann, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany


The impacts of a reduction in 11kV voltage settings in South Wales
G Shaddick, A Green, University of Bath, United Kingdom, M Watson, Western Power Distribution, United Kingdom


Identification of electrical energy consumption patterns
V Pereira, P Mousinho, L Jorge, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


Application of time-resolved input data for smart grid simulation
A Shapovalov, C Kittl, C Rehtanz, TU Dortmund University, Germany, L Jendernalik, A Schneider, D Giavarra, Westnetz GmbH, Germany


Utilizing residential flexibility in the planning of LV-networks
J Reinders, R Bernards, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, D Geldtmeijer, J Morren, H Slootweg, Enexis BV, Netherlands/TU Eindhoven, Netherlands


Improved three phase power flow method for calculation of power losses in unbalanced radial distribution network
T Alinjak, K Trupinic, HEP ODS, Croatia, I Pavic, FER, Croatia


A comparative assessment of a quasi-sequential and a sequential approach for distribution network stochastic analysis
M Hupez, Z De Grève, F Vallée, University of Mons, Belgium


Wind power forecasting based on refined LSTAR-GARCH model
H Chen, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company, China, R Li, Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, China, Y Wang, C Xu, Southeast University, China


Application and evaluation of a probabilistic forecasting model for expected local PV penetration levels
R Bernards, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, R Verweij, E J Coster, Stedin BV, Netherlands, J Morren, H Slootweg, Enexis BV, Netherlands/ TU Eindhoven, Netherlands


Probabilistic day-ahead forecasting of household electricity demand
A Gerossier, R Girard, G Kariniotakis, A Michiorri, PSL Research University, France


Analysing the ability of smart meter data to provide accurate information to the UK's DNOs
G Poursharif, A Brint, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, M Black, M Marshall, Northern Powergrid, United Kingdom


The impact of low carbon technologies on short circuit levels at medium voltage networks
J Berry, Western Power Distribution, United Kingdom, A Kazerooni, M Eves, WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff, United Kingdom


Long term forecast of local electrical demand and evaluation of future impacts on the electricity distribution network
N Kong, M Bocquel, G Pelton, P Cauchois, Enedis, France, T Barbier, R Girard, E Magliaro, G Kariniotakis , MINES Paris Tech, France


Identifying energy efficiency improvements and savings potential in Croatian energy networks
T Baricevic, M Skok, EIHP, Croatia, S Zutobradic, L Wagmann, HERA, Croatia


Performance assessment of a three-phase distribution network with multiple residential single phase PV systems
S Bhagavathy, N Pearsall, G Putrus, Northumbria University, United Kingdom, S Walker, Newcastle University, United Kingdom


Combination of linear power flow tools for voltages and power estimation on mv networks
J Buire, X Guillaud, F Colas, L2EP, France, J-Y Dieulot, CRIStAL, France, L De Alvaro, Enedis, France


Advancement of load estimation method for LV distribution facilities
H Wada, H Nomura, E Umemura, Chubu Electric Power Company Inc., Japan


Behaviour of street lighting feeders supplying traditional and new LED lamps
A Ilo, E Torabi, W Gawlik, TU Wien, Austria, G Wötzl,TU Wien, Austria, MA 33 - Wien Luechtet, Austria


Improved small area forecasting for electrical spatial load forecast analysis
J McCann, A Chabrol, S Quinn, ESB International, Ireland


Stochastic effects of customer behaviour on bottom up load estimations
J Heres, V van Westering, Alliander NV, Netherlands/Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, G van der Lubbe, D Janssen, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Netherlands


Fully automated calculations in both MV and LV networks
F Provoost, F Smits, Alliander, Netherlands, L W Jansen, Phase to Phase, Netherlands


Developing static model of fault current limiter technologies
A Kazerooni, G Tsigara, N Murdoch, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, United Kingdom, J Berry ,Western Power Distribution, United Kingdom


M Bebbington, W Mantle, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom, R Bryans, TNEI Services Ltd, United Kingdom


Characterisation of 11kV fault level contributions based on substation load profile
P Edwards, WSP | Parsons Brickerhoff, United Kingdom, J Berry, Western Power Distribution, United Kingdom


Containment of power losses in LV networks with high penetration of distributed generation
G Celli, N Natale, F Pilo, G Pisano, University of Cagliari, Italy, F Bignucolo, M Coppo, A Savio, R Turri, University of Padova, Italy, A Cerretti e-distribuzione SpA, Italy


Optimal network reconfiguration in distribution system for loss reduction and voltage profile improvement using hybrid algorithm of PSO and ACO
M A Heidari, SHEDC, Iran


Identification and evaluation of energy theft using the state estimator in MV and LV grids with exogenous parameters for planning expansion
D Duarte, D Kondo, F Matsuzaki, J Guaraldo, M Souza, Sinapsis, Brazil, H Silva, M Ferreira, Electrobras Alagoas, Brazil, R Silva, Eletrobras Rondônia, Brazil, L Brito, R Ross, CEPEL, Brazil, N Kagan, , USP, Brazil


The improved model for the spatial load forecasting of the Slovenian distribution network
M Grabner, Z Bregar, Š Ivanjko, L Valencic, Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, Slovenia


Load criticalities detection on HV/MV Substations in multi-country scenario
G Palumbo, S Morel, G Bruno, F Viapiana, Enel SpA, Italy, C F Gomez-Arbelaez, CODENSA-Enel, Columbia


ANDES: grid capacity planning using a bottom-up, profile-based load forecasting approach
P van de Sande, M Danes, T Dekker, Alliander NV, Netherlands


Accurate determination of distribution network losses
A Urquhart, M Thomson, Loughborough University, United Kingdom, C Harrap, Western Power Distribution, United Kingdom


A co-simulation approach using PowerFactory and MATLAB/Simulink to enable validation of distributed control concepts within future power systems
K Johnstone, S M Blair, M H Syed, A Emhemed, G M Burt, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, T Strasser, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria


Comparing time series clustering approaches for individual electrical load patterns
Z De Greve, F Lecron, F Vallee, University of Mons, Belgium, G Mor, D Perez, S Danov, J Cipriano CIMNE, UPC, Spain


Using matrix factorization for the prediction of electrical quantities
F Lecron, Z De Greve, F Vallee, University of Mons, Belgium, G Mor, D Perez, S Danov, J Cipriano CIMNE, UPC, Spain


A hybrid model approach for forecasting electricity demand
J Teixeira, S Macedo, S Gonçalves, A Soares, EDP Distribuição, Portugal, M Inoue, EDP Brasil, Brazil, P Cañete, Brazil, HCD, Spain


Fraud detection in low voltage electricity consumers using socioeconomic indicators and billing profile in smart grids
J Pulz, R B Muller, F Romero, A Meffe, Daimon, Brazil, A F Garcez Neto, A S Jesus, Sulgipe, Brazil


Innovative approaches to identification and reduction of distribution network losses
J Acosta, C Higgins, TNEI, United Kingdom, M Hughes, Element Energy, United Kingdom, T Manolopoulos ,SSEN, United Kingdom


Radial distribution network reconfiguration (dnr) for power losses reduction using a modified particle swarm optimization (MPSO)
I Atteya, H Ashour, Arab Academy for Sciences and Technology, Egypt, N Fahmi, D Strickland,Aston University, United Kingdom