Session 4: Distributed energy resources and active demand integration

Block 1: DER concepts, designs, studies, planning, analysis techniques and tools


SmartNet: a H2020 project analysing TSO-DSO interaction to enable ancillary services provision from distribution networks
G Migliavacca, M Rossi, RSE, Italy, D Six, Energy Ville, Belgium, M Džamarija, DTU, Denmark, S Horsmanheimo, VTT, Finland, C Madina, TECNALIA, Spain, I Kockar, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, J M Morales, University of Malaga, Spain


Reliability Evaluation of Distribution Network considering Controllable Distributed Generation, Battery Swapping Station and controllable switches
J Song, J Zhou, State Grid Shanghai EPRI, China, C Li, SAIC MOTOR Corporation Ltd, China, Y Luo, Y Luo, W Yan, Chongqing University, China


Determining potential capacity gains when repurposing MV AC cables for DC power transportation
A Burstein, V ?uk, TU/e, Netherlands, E de Jong, DNV GL, Netherlands


Feasibility analysis of the power-to-gas concept in the future Swiss distribution grid
C Park, F Bigler, V Knazkins, P Korba, ZHAW, Switzerland, F Kienzle, EWZ, Switzerland


Smart Grid Vendée project: a decision-support tool for the multi-year planning of active distribution networks
H Dutriexu Baraffe, G Malarange, EDF R&D, France, A Bouorakima, M A Lafittau, G Pelton, Enedis, France


Profitability analysis of grid supporting EV charging management
R Uhlig, S Harnisch, M Stötzel, M Zdrallek, University of Wuppertal, Germany, T Armoneit, Stadtwerke Iserlohn GmbH, Germany


Integration of a thermal energy storage as a dynamic load into the electrical grid of an urban quarter
T Plößer, D Maihöfner, J Hanson, TU Darmstadt, Germany


Dual-decomposition-based peer-to-peer voltage control for distribution networks
H Almasalma, J Engels, G Deconinck, KU Leuven, Belgium


Analysis on voltage and frequency responses of isolated microgrid according to minimization of diesel generations
D Kim, K W Joung, D H Choi, J I Yoo, J-Wook Park, Yonsei University, South Korea, H-J Lee, KIT, South Korea, S-M Baek, Kongju National University, South Korea, S H Lee, KERI, South Korea, H J Lee, J B Shim, KEPCO, South Korea


A study on energy management system for stable operation of isolated microgrid
K W Joung, D Kim, D H Choi, J-W Park, Yonsei University, South Korea, H-J Lee, KIT, South Korea, S-M Baek, Kongju National University, South Korea, S H Lee, KERI, South Korea, H J Lee, J B Shim, KEPCO, South Korea


Techno-economic evaluation of load activation quotas as a concept for flexible load Management
N Thie, S Koopmann, A Schnettler, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, S Hillenbrand, A Kopp, Netze BW GmbH, Germany


Impact of ENTSO-E recommendation on refitting of PV frequency relays in Czech Republic
F Kysnar, K Prochazka, J Hrouda, EGC-ČB s.r.o., Czech Republic, S Vnoucek, ČEPS a.s., Czech Republic, Z Pavlovic, ČEZ Distribuce a.s., Czech Republic, P Cerny, E.ON Distribuce a.s., Czech Republic, J Matous, PRE Distribuce a.s., Czech Republic


Influence of self-consumption on distribution network operation - the Slovenian case
B Turnšek, Elektro Primorska d.d., Slovenia, I Papič, B Blažič, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Charging electric vehicles, baking pizzas and melting a fuse in Lochem
G Hoogsteen, A Molderink, J L Hurink, G J M Smit, University of Twente, Netherlands, B Kootstra, F Schuring, Liandon, Netherlands


Optimization of low voltage distribution networks in a strong embedded microgeneration and electric vehicle penetration context
M Lagarto, J Ferreira Pinto, EDP Distribuição, Portugal, L Ferreira, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal


Building power demand forecasting using K-Nearest neighbors model - practical application in smart city demo aspern project
O Valgaev, F Kupzog, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria, H Schmeck, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany


Reduce peak-time energy use by demand bidding program in Iran
H Delavaripour, A Khazaee, M Ghasempour, H Hooshmandi, Mashhad Electric Energy Distribution Co., Iran


Impact of the photovoltaic system variability on transformer tap changer operations in distribution networks
C K Gan, C Y Lau, K A Baharin, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia, D Pudjianto, Imperial College London, United Kingdom


Business case for distributed energy storage
F Teng, M Aunedi, R Moreira, G Strbac, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, P Papadopoulos, A Laguna, UK Power Networks, United Kingdom


Distribution loss reduction in residential and commercial pilots by using AMI system
A Khazaee, H H Safa, M Ghasempour, H Delavari, MEEDC, Iran


The case for coordinated energy storage in future distribution grids
N Voulis, M Warnier, F M T Brazier, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands


Integrating demand flexibility with DG-RES at the residential household and commercial customer level in electricity grids
I G Kamphuis, S Galsworthy, TNO, Netherlands, M Stifter, T Esterl, S Kaser, AIT, Austria, S Widergren, PNNL, United States, M Galus, BFE, Switzerland, R Targosz, EIM, Poland, D Brodén, L Nordström, KTH, Sweden, M Renting, Enexis, Netherlands, A Rijneveld, Stedin, Netherlands, S Doolla, IIT, India


Comparison of analysis methods for generator connections
C Foote, C Kungu, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Integration of multivariate distributed energy resources for demand response: applications in the Indian scenarios
R Pillai, A Ahuja, India Smart Grid Forum, India, G Ghatikar, India Smart Grid Forum, India Electric Power Research Institute, United States


Seasonally variant deployment of electric battery storage systems in active distribution networks
M Z Degefa, H Sæle, SINTEF Energi AS, Norway, J A Foosnaes, E Thorshaug, NTE Net, Norway


Contribution of energy storage and demand-side response to security of distribution networks
I Konstantelos, P Djapic, G Strbac, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, P Papadopoulos, A Laguna, UK Power Networks, United Kingdom


Designing a financial-based energy management framework in smart public parking lot
A Zare, M Fotuhi-Friuzabad, M Moeini-Aghtaie, Sharif University of Technology, Iran


Utility scale domestic solar: the proactive transition of distributed network operators in Switzerland
Y Farhat, M Bolliger, BKW Energie AG, Switzerland


Electric heating as flexible demand for enhanced network operation
D Moretti, S Galloway, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom


Aggregation model for curtailable generation and sheddable loads
H Marthinsen, A Z Morch, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway, M Plecas, I Kockar, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, M Dzamarija, DTU, Denmark


Business models for demand response aggregators under regulated power markets
C Fang, State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company, China, B Fan, State Grid Shanghai Chongming Electric Power Supply Company, China, T Sun, D Feng, J Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


New functionalities of smart grid enabled networks
D C Stancu, D Federenciuc, Electrica, Romania, N Golovanov, Universitatea Politehnica, Romania, D M Satnescu, SDEE Transilvania Sud, Romania


SPEN - DSO Vision
G Boyd, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Laboratory infrastructure driven key performance indicator development using the smart grid architecture model
M H Syed, E Guillo, S M Blair, G M Burt, University of Strathclyde, United Kindgom, T I Strasser, H Brunner, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria, O Gehrke, DTU, Denmark, J E Rodriguez-Seco, Tecnalia, Spain


A blueprint for the combinatorial strategy in transactive energy based control mechanism by using energy flexibility platform and interface
M Babar, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, I G Kamphuis, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands/TNO, Netherlands, Z Hanzelka, AGH UST, Poland, M Bongaerts, Alliander N.V., Netherlands


UK power networks' experience of managing flexible distributed generation from planning to operation
A R Ahmadi, T Manandhar, J Barros, M Bernardo, S Georgiopoulos, UK Power Networks, United Kingdom


Real-Time Monitoring of Distribution Networks: Experimental Application of Italian Res. 646/2015/R/eel
M Delfanti, D Falabretti, M Merlo, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


Integration of Energy Storage to Improve Utilisation of Distribution Networks with Active Network Management Schemes
M Plecas, H Xu, I Kockar, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom


Meeting emerging and future requirements for managing DER in highly active distribution networks
C Gault, F Watson, C Breadon, E Davidson, SGS, United Kingdom, C Abbey, SGS, Canada, J Miller, US DOE, United States, B Currie, SGS, United States


Automatic phase identification of smart meter measurement data
F Olivier, D Ernst, R Fonteneau, University of Liège, Belgium


Optimal hybridization and management of PV/batteries hybrid systems in residential distribution networks
H Turker, P Favre-Perrod, University of Applied Sciences of Switzerland, Switzerland


Integrating wet appliances with delay functionality in distribution network operation and planning
H Karimi, D Papadaskalopoulos, G Strbac, Imperial College London, United Kingdom


Energy storage systems (ESS) and microgrids in Brittany Islands
G Lancel, B Deneuville, C Zakhour, E Radvanyi, L Lhermenault, C Ducharme, S Ruiz, EDF, France


Balancing with DSO-connected demand and generation units - case study austria
S Vögel, E-Control Austria, Austria, A Stimmer, Austrian Power Grid AG, Austria


DG impact evaluation on LV distribution grids using AMI data: A Brazilian case study
R Maciel, M Silva, B Borba, L Fritz, V Ferreira, M Zamboti, UFF, Brazil, T Campello, UFRJ, Brazil, W Correia, ENEL, Brazil

Block 2: DER grid integration enablers and technologies


Nonlinear optimal control of the responses of residential small houses with new energy resources
P Koponen, R Pasonen, A Löf, VTT, Finland


Linear three-phase state estimation for LV grids using pseudo measurements based on approximate power distributions
R Brandalik, D Waeresch, W H Wellssow, J Tu, Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany


Decentralisation of power flow solution for facilitating active network management
T R F Mendonca, M E Collins, T C Green, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, M F Pinto, Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil


Using measurements to increase the accuracy of hosting capacity calculations
O Lennerhag, S Ackeby, M H J Bollen, STRI AB, Sweden, G Foskolos, T Gafurov, MälarEnergi, Sweden


Field test of a linear three-phase low voltage state estimation system based on smart meter data
D Waeresch, R Brandalik, W H Wellssow, TU Kaiserslautern, Germany, J Jordan, IDS GmbH, Germany, R Bischler, N Schneider, Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern Versorgungs-AG, Germany


Development of a modular CHP test stand for the analysis of the dynamic behaviour of small synchronous generators
P Erlinghagen, M Knaak, T Wippenbeck, A Schnettler, RWTH Aachen University, Germany


Smart meter-driven estimation of residential load flexibility
J Ponocko, J V Milanovic, University of Manchester, United Kingdom


Charge control of second life EV batteries on the DC-link of a back-to-back converter
M Neaimeh, N Wade, S Blake, P Taylor, Newcastle University, United Kingdom


Evaluating the effectiveness of storage control in reducing peak demand on low voltage feeders
T Yunusov, B Potter, University of Reading, United Kingdom, S Haben, T Lee, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, F Ziel, University Duisburg-Essen, Germany, W Holderbaum, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom


An approach for the handling of controller conflicts within multi-functional energy storage systems
C Zanabria, F Pröstl Andrén, J Kathan, T Strasser, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria


Challenges in model and data merging for the implementation of a distribution network contingency analysis tool
N Huyghues-Beaufond, S Tindemans, G Strbac, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, A Jakeman, UK Power Networks, United Kingdom


Evaluation of extended kalman filter and particle filter approaches for quasi-dynamic distribution system state estimation
A Brüggemann, K Görner, C Rehtanz, TU Dortmund University, Germany


Adjustment of available and needed energy and necessary additional functionalities in the distribution grid, caused by the energy transition, can better be solved by DC distribution grids
R Niehoff, F Kuipers, Eaton Netherlands B.V., Netherlands, H Stokman, Direct Current B.V., Netherlands


Real-time digital co-simulation method of smart grid for integrating large-scale demand response resources
J Song, J Zhou, State Grid Shanghai EPRI, China, S Jiang, P Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


PMU-based power systems analysis of a MV distribution grid
N Save, M Popov, TU Delft, Netherlands, A Jongepier, Enduris, Netherlands, G Rietveld, VSL, Netherlands


Voltage regulating distribution transformers for LV network voltage control and system efficiency
M Anzola, D Walker, D Neilson, M Wright, Scottish Power Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Predictive management of low voltage grids
M Reis, A Garcia, R Bessa, L Seca, C Gouveia, INESC TEC, Portugal, J Moreira, P Nunes, P G Matos, EDP Distribuição, Portugal, F Carvalho, P Carvalho, AmberTREE, Portugal


Linky contributions in management and fault detection
P Pelletier, M Chapert, T Bazot, P Lauzevis, S Brun, L De Luca, Enedis, France


Comparing and improving residential demand forecast by disaggregation of load and PV generatio
S Kloibhofer, M Stifter, F Leimgruber, B-V Rao, AIT, Austria

Block 3: Technical and commercial DER grid integration methods and solutions


Interaction between short-term and seasonal storages in a predominantly renewable power system
C Groiß, W Schaffer, Salzburg Netz GmbH, Austria, W Gawlik, TU Wien, Austria


The effects of the entry into force of the new electric tariff on Italian residential households equipped with a PV plant
S Maggiore, M Gallanti, R.S.E. S.p.A., Italy


Using LV distributed generation's reactive power for voltage regulation
L Wautier, F Beauné, L Karsenti, Enedis, France, J Fournel, EDF R&D, France


Intelligent prosumer coupling by two galvanically isolated battery storage systems
T Graber, C Romeis, E Perossian, J Jaeger, FAU Erlangen, Germany


Evaluation of different control algorithms with low level communication requirements to increase the maximum electric vehicle penetration
F Lehfuss, M Nöhrer, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria


SMAP project or how to integrate crowdfunded DER in a rural distribution grid
M Bernier, Grenoble INP, France, A Coutarel, Atos Worldgrid, France, J Lavaury Geoffroy, Enedis, France


Optimal approach for the interaction between DSOs and aggregators to activate DER flexibility in the distribution grid
Z Al-Jassim, M Christoffersen, Danish Energy Association, Denmark, Q Wu, S Huang, DTU, Denmark, G D Rosario, C Corchero, IREC, Spain, M Á Moreno, UC3M, Spain


Guidelines for distribution system operators on reactive power provision by electric vehicles in low voltage grids
A Zecchino, M Marinelli, C Træholt, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, M Korpås, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


Studies on the time and locational value of DER
B Rogers, J Taylor, EPRI, United States, T Mimnagh, C Tsay, Consolidated Edison, United States


Active power curtailment for MV network operational planning in an industrial environment
M Hasquenoph, S Hourrig, EDF R&D, France, O Carré, Enedis, France


Active demand management in MV network operational planning: an industrial method for the selection of flexibility offers to solve technical constraints
C Paris, M Hasquenoph, S Hourrig, EDF R&D, France, O Carré, Enedis, France


A software driven active customer interface for DER integration
J Ringelstein, Fraunhofer IWES, Germany, M Shalaby, DERlab e.V., Germany, M Sanduleac, Exenir, Romania, L Alacreu, ETRA I+D, Spain, J Martins, V Delgado-Gomes, CTS-Uninova, Portugal


Combining energy storage and real-time thermal ratings to solve distribution network problems: Benefits and challenges
D Greenwood, N Wade, P Davison, P Taylor, Newcastle University, United Kingdom, P Papadopoulos, UK Power Networks, United Kingdom


A stochastic multi-temporal optimal power flow approach for the management of grid connected storage
E Grover-Silva, MINES ParisTech, France/ADEME - France, X G Agoua, R Girard, G Kariniotakis, MINES ParisTech, France


Cost benefit analysis of MV reactive power management and active power curtailment
L De Alvaro Garcia, F Beauné, M Pitard, Enedis, France


Preliminary regulations of ESS connected to Korean isolated island power system to minimize the capacity of ESS
J B Sim, H J Lee, Y S Lee, I K Song, J Y Ahn, KEPRI, Korea


IEC 61850 to the service of power system flexibility
Q Morel, T Coste, EDF, France


Risk or benefit on the electricity grid: Distributed energy storages in system services
J Haakana, J Haapaniemi, V Tikka, J Lassila, J Partanen, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland


The impact of Q(U) and P(U) PV plants characteristics and power storage on connectable power in LV distribution networks
J Hrouda, K Prochazka, F Kysnar, F Broz, EGC CB, s.r.o., Czech Republic


Generation curtailment as a means to increase the wind power hosting capacity of a real regional distribution network
A Kulmala, VTT, Finland, S Repo, Tampere University of Technology, Finland, J Pylvänäinen, Elenia Oy, Finland


Creating virtual energy storage systems from aggregated smart charging electric vehicles
A M Jenkins, C Patsios, P Taylor, N Wade, P Blythe, Newcastle University, United Kingdom, O Olabisi, Siemens Plc, United Kingdom


Impact for the DSO of integrating storage systems in a low-voltage grid with distributed energy resources
J Fonseca, Ernst & Young, Germany, M I Verdelho, R Prata, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


Supporting DER customer participation in active distribution networks and local markets
L Kane, R West, R Taljaard, R MacDonald, G Ault, E Davidson, A Gooding, Smarter Grid Solutions, United Kingdom


Integrating photovoltaic and storage systems on distribution feeders
A O'Connell, A Maitra, J Smith, Electric Power Research Institute, Ireland/United States, B Jordan, C Cryer, CPS Energy, United States


Residential electrical and thermal storage optimisation in a market environment
C A Correa-Florez, A Gerossier, A Michiorri, R Girard, G Kariniotakis, MINES-ParisTech, PSL - Research Universtiy, France


Methodologies and proposals to facilitate the integration of small and medium consumers in smart grids
C Alvarez, IIE-UPV, Spain, J I Moreno, G López, U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, C Carrillo, U Vigo, Spain, I J Ramírez, U. Zaragoza, Spain, J Matanza, IIT-ICAI, Spain, S Valero-Verdu, UNH, Spain, A Gabaldón, ETSII, Spain, M Ruiz, UPCT, Spain


Derivation of ANM ratings for complex abnormal running networks
S Gough, W Topping, Western Power Distribution, United Kingdom, P Almeida, M Collins, R MacDonald, Smarter Grid Solutions, United Kingdom


Manging the future network impact of the electrification of heat
S Harkin, A Turton, Delta-EE, United Kingdom


Impact of a realistic communications for fast-acting demand side management
P Dambrauskas, M H Syed, S M Blair, J M Irvine, I F Abdulhadi, G M Burt, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, D E M Bondy, DTU, Denmark


Economical Distributed Voltage Control in Low-Voltage Grids with High Penetration of Photovoltaic
O Unigwe, D Okekunle, A Kiprakis, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Fast estimation of equivalent capability for active distribution networks
M Rossi, G Viganó, D Moneta, RSE, Italy, M T Vespucci, P Pisciella, Univirsità degli Studi di Bergamo, Italy


Business case in support for reactive power services from distributed energy storage
R Moreira, G Strbac, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, P Papadopoulos, A Laguna, UK Power Networks, United Kingdom


Measuring the Value of Microgrids: A Benefit-Cost framework
J Roark, D Weng, A Maitra, EPRI, United States

Block 4: DER integration field trial results, test and standards


The practical and theoretical potential of demand side management in SMEs to balance wind power
M van Blijderveen, D Joskin, J Garthoff, Alliander, Netherlands


Control of active/reactive power & LVRT for 40 kW three-phase grid-connected single stage PV system
M M Hasaneen, The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Egypt, M A L Badr, A M Atallah, Ain Shams University, Egypt


Efficient management of a connected microgrid in Belgium
B Cornélusse, D Ernst, ULg, Belgium, L Warichet, W Legros, Nethys, Belgium


Future-proof islanding detection schemes in Sundom Smart Grid
H Laaksonen, P Hovila, ABB Oy, Finland


Low voltage grid upgrades enabling islanding operation
R André, F Guerra, EDP NEW R.&.D, Portugal, M Gerlich, M Metzger, SIEMENS AG, Germany, S Rodriguez, GP TECH, Spain, C Gouveia, C Moreira, J Gouveia, INESC TEC, Portugal, J Damásio, Siemens SA, Portugal, R Santos, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


LV state estimation and TSO-DSO cooperation tools: Results of the French field tests in the evolvDSO project
M Sebastian-Viana, Enedis, France, M Caujolle, B Goncer-Maraver, EDF R&D, France, J Pereira, INESC TEC, Portugal/FEP, Portugal, J Sumaili, P Barbeiro, J Silva, R Bessa, INESC TEC, Portugal


Distribution state estimation: Outcomes from a field implementation aimed at tackling MV voltage mastering in the presence of DER
D Croteau, EDF R&D, France, O Carre, Enedis, France


An algorithm for soft open points to solve thermal and voltage constraints in low voltage distribution networks
N Bottrell, T Green, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, P Lang, UK Power Networks, United Kingdom


Key energy storage use cases validation under real operational context
R J Santos, A Neves, G Faria, B Almeida, EDP Distribuição, Portugal, J Santana, S Pinto, INESC ID, Portugal, José Damásio, Mario Vieira, D Isidoro, Siemens, Portugal


Contribution of a wind park to voltage and system stability: Results of a measurement campaign
B Heimbach, M Mangani, B Wartmann, M Oeschger, C Kelm, ewz, Switzerland, S Krahmer, M Kreutziger, P Schegner, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany


Behaviour of PV inverters during islanding of a district
T Drizard, Enedis, France, G Diquerreau, Socomec, France, S Vilbois, EDF R&D, France


Experiences of demand response in Yokohama demonstration project
K Honda, K Kusakiyo, S Matsuzawa, M Kosakada, Y Miyazaki, Toshiba Corporation, Japan


Impact of domestic frequency responsive demand on the shetland islands network frequency stability
M Edrah, O Anaya-Lara, I Kockar, G Bell, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, S Adams, F MacIntyre, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, United Kingdom


Benefits of battery energy storage system for system, market, and distribution network - case Helsinki
H-P Hellman, A Pihkala, M Hyvärinen, P Heine, Helen Electricity Network Ltd, Finland, J Karppinen, K Siilin, P Lahtinen, Helen, Finland, M Laasonen, J Matilainen, Fingrid, Finland


Virtual power plant: managing synergies and conflicts between TSO and DSO control objectives
D Pudjianto, G Strbac, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, D Boyer, UK Power Networks, United Kingdom


Voltage quality provision in low voltage networks with high penetration of renewable production
A Vilman, M Jerele, Elektro Gorenjska d.d., Slovenia


Modelling and dynamic performance of inverter based generation in power system studies: An international questionnaire survey
G Lammert, University of Kassel, Germany, K Yamashita, CRIEPI, Japan, L D Pabón Ospina, Fraunhofer IWES, Germany, H Renner, Graz University of Technology, Austria, S Martínez Villanueva, Red Eléctrica de España, Spain, P Pourbeik, PEACE-PLLC, United States, F E Ciausiu, Tractebel Engie, Romania, M Braun, University of Kassel, Germany/Fraunhofer IWES, Germany


Distributed generation connections under a fault level active network management scheme
N Murdoch, A Kazerooni, WSP / Parsons Brinckerhoff, United Kingdom, J Berry, Western Power Distribution, United Kingdom


The smart grid real lab of ewz: Findings from a large-scale demonstration project
V Poulios, M Mangani, E Kaffe, F Kienzle, B Loepfe, ewz, Switzerland


Distributed generation at distribution system level resilience to voltage dips - a real case
L Rosa, M Louro, B Almeida, F Gonçalves, A M Rodrigues, J Ferreira Pinto, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


The Benefits of large-scale Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in French islands
J Callec, P Caumon, L Capely, E Radvanyi, Electricité de France, France


Decentralized distribution system operation techniques: Results from the meltemi community smart grids pilot site
I Kouveliotis-Lysikatos, D Koukoula, I Vlachos, A Dimeas, NTUA, Greece, N Hatziargyriou, HEDNO, Greece/NTUA, Greece, S Makrynikas, HEDNO, Greece


Demand side management in a field test: Lessons learned
M E T Gerards, J L Hurink, University of Twente, Netherlands, R Hübner, Innogy SE, Germany


The challenge of retrofitting old decentralized power plants in Germany in terms of power system stability
S Brandt, F Kalverkamp, FGH GmbH, Germany, R Heßler, TransnetBW GmbH, Germany, S Weber, Tennet TSO GmbH, Germany