Session 3: Network operation, control and protection

Block 1: Operation


Enedis approach for the roll-out of technical smart grid industrial solutions
L Karsenti, P Daguzan, Enedis, France


A joint DSO-TSO reactive power management for a HV system considering MV systems support
J Morin, F Colas, X Guillaud, L2EP, France, J-Y Dieulot, CRIStAL, France, S Grenard, Enedis, France


MVDC link in a 33 kV distribution network
C Long, J Wu, Cardiff University, United Kingdom, K Smith, J Yu, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom, A Moon, EA technology, United Kingdom, R Bryans, TNEI Services, United Kingdom


Emergancy operational plan (EOP) - crisis situation management
M Pulice, Edenor S.A., Argentina


Enhanced ZIP load modelling for the analysis of harmonic distortion under conservation voltage reduction
G McLorn, J Morrow, D Laverty, R Best, X Liu, S McLoone, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom


TDR measurement with utility-pole-interval resolution of real-scale distribution system
S Oe, T Sasaoka, Kansai Electric Power Co.,Inc, Japan, T Matsushima, T Hisakado, O Wada, Kyoto University, Japan


Loss estimation of medium voltage lines based on real and synthetic load profiles
C Groiß, W Schaffer, Salzburg Netz GmbH, Austria, M Stifter, AIT, Austria, A Einfalt, Siemens, Austria


Autonomous inspection in transmission and distribution power lines - methodology for image acquisition by means of unmanned aircraft system and its treatment and storage.
R Z Homma, Celesc Distribuição,Brazil, A Cosentino, C Szymanski, INERGE, Brazil


A study for cause estiamtion of faults using statistical analysis
S Polster, H Renner, Graz University of Technology, Austria


A study on load current forecasting using Statistical Analysis
T Nagumo, H Ito, T Sano, TEPCO Holdings Inc., Japan


Convex power flow models for scalable electricity market modelling
F Geth, D Van Hertem, KULeuven/EnergyVille, Belgium, R D'hulst, EnergyVille & VITO, Belgium


Creating a mobile centric operational model in utilties
D Macfarlane, DMA, United Kingdom, A Stamp, Yambay, Australia, G Paton, General Electric, United Kingdom


The future of flood resilience for electricity distribution infrastructure in Great Britain (GB)
J Booth, P McFarlane, Electricity North West Ltd., United Kingdom, M Drye, S McDonald, Northern Powergrid, United Kingdom, D Whensley, Energy Networks Association, United Kingdom


Real time simulation of large distribution networks with distributed energy resources
M Dyck, O Nzimako, RTDS Technologies Inc., Canada


Locating the causes of recurrent supply interruptions and flickering lights on Scottish Power's low voltage cable network using travelling waves
P Gale, A Wang, Kehui (UK) Ltd, United Kingdom, J Livie, Scottish Power, United Kingdom


Risk prediction in distribution networks based on the relation between weather and (underground) component failure
T Gu, J Janssen, E Tazelaar, G Popma, Alliander N.V., Netherlands


Efficient coordination in major power disruption
T Kupila, T Ihonen, T Keränen, Elenia Oy, Finland, L Anttila, Futurice Oy, Finland


Incorporating asset management into power system operations
I Sarantakos, Newcastle University, United Kingdom/Siemens AG, United Kingdom, P Lyons, ESB Networks, Ireland/Newcastle University, United Kingdom, S R Blake, P C Taylor, Newcastle University, United Kingdom, L Tao, Siemens AG, Germany, S Celik, MIT, United States, S Rowland, Siemens AG, United Kingdom


SmartIP - central management system for public lighting in Portugal
F Campos, A Simões, I Sousa, EFACEC, Portugal, R Almeida, P Daniel, EDP D, Portugal


De-centralized working for outage management, including auto-dispatch
D McMenemy, M Corr, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom, G Paton, A Page, General Electric, United Kingdom


Advancement in maintenance operation for managing various types of failure and vastly aging facilities
T Suzuki, H Yamamoto, T Oka, Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc., Japan


Smart fault management scheme for electrical distribution networks
N Sherbilla, BCED, Egypt


Optimization of secondary testing with cloud based fleet analytics
J Valtari, T Vu, ABB Oy, Finland, H-M Aalto, H Paananen, Elenia Oy, Finland


Evaluation of practical experience of fault indicator performance in medium voltage networks
E Koreneva, Streamer Electric Inc., Russia


Field experiments in power line inspection with an unmanned aerial vehicle.
J Formiga, J Dinis, EDP Labelec, Portugal, J Fialho, F Moreira, EDP Distribuição, Portugal, J Almeida, A Dias, E Silva, INESC TEC/ISEP, Portugal, M Moreira, T Santos, INESC TEC, Portugal


Enedis field experience of augmented and virtual reality technologies at the service of network operators
S Martino, O Gonbeau, C Boisseau, J P Recapet, F Blanc, ENEDIS, France, B Augustin, EDF R&D, France


Adopting smart meter events as key data for low voltage network operation
J García Prado, A González, IBERDROLA, Spain, S Riaño, TECNALIA, Spain


Next-generation network restoration approaches on distribution feeders
J Duller, A Halim, UK Power Networks, United Kingdom, G Paton, B Traill, S Sparling, General Electric, United Kingdom


Standardization to reduce lifecycle cost and lead time with improved quality, efficiency and flexibility
F Volberda, A Geschiere, E Piga-Gehrke, Liander, Netherlands


A reference architecture for open, maintainable and secure software for the operation of energy networks
A Goering, J Meister, S Lehnhoff, OFFIS, Germany, P Herdt, Main-Donau Netzgesellschaft, Germany, M Jung, develop-group, Germany, M Rohr, BTC, Germany


Requirements for coordinated ancillary services covering different voltage levels
S Uebermasser, AIT, Austria, C Groiss, Salzburg Netz GmbH, Austria, A Einfalt, Siemens, Austria, N Thie, M Vasconcelos, RWTH Aachen, Germany, J Helguero, HS-Kempten, Germany, H Laaksonen, P Hovila, ABB Oy, Finland


Helen Electricity Network Ltd's process towards high level of supply relíability
M Loukkalahti, M Hyvärinen, O Siirto, P Heine, Helen Electricity Network Ltd, Finland


DSO TSO coordination needs induced by smart grids: the ongoing french project between RTE and enedis
O Arnaud, RTE, France, M Chapert, O Carré, Enedis, France


Improving actionable observeability of large distribution networks for transmission operators to support improved system control, fault detection & mitigation
C Shand, G Taylor, Brunel University London, United Kingdom, E Stewart, C Roberts, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States, A McMorran, Open Grid Systems Ltd, United Kingdom, P Mohapatra, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Service prioritization and crew dispatch in an electricity utility
F Romero, P H Baumann, T Milagres Miranda, D Takahata, A Uehara Antunes, Daimon Engeneering and Systems, Brazil, A C L Alves, S L P C Valinho, L M Azevedo, CEMAR, Brazil


Dashboard and smartphone application to support operation and plannning of electric distribution systems
D P Duarte, B H Nakata, Sinapsis, Brazil, M S Hoshina, M M Martinelli, I C Pires, AES Eletropaulo, Brazil


IOT services for a smart LV grid management
N Clerc, H Hoeltzel, Socomec, France, I Beyl, Electricité de Strasbourg Réseaux, France


Smart fault selection: New operational criteria and challenges for the large scale deployment in e-distribuzione's network
C D'Adamo, G Valtorta, L Consiglio, A Cerretti, L D'Orazio, A Malerba, F Marmeggi, e-distribuzione S.p.A, Italy


Terna fleet management of power transformers: Through fault current monitoring to plan proper maintenance
M Rebolini, C A Serafino, Terna, Italy, E Savorelli, M Tozzi, A Salsi, Camlin Power, United Kingdom

Block 2: Control


Integrated distribution grid management system
R Schmaranz, R Iskra, J Pasker, T Dietrichsteiner, KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH, Austria


Rules driven project specifications in the context of IEC 61850 basic application profiles
C Bloch, Schneider Electric, France, M Sharma, Schneider Electric, India, M Haecker, T Rudolph, Schneider Electric, Germany


Multi-agent system design for automation of a cluster of microgrids
M Khederzadeh, Shahid Beheshti University A.C, Iran


An innovative solution sustaining SCADA-to-Remote terminal unit G3-PLC connectivity over dynamic grid topologies
C Lavenu, EDF R&D, France, D Dufresne, X Montuelle, ENEDIS, France


Smart substation MV/LV
J Jiricka, M Kaspirek, E.ON Distribution, Czech Republic, L Kolar, E.ON Czech Republic, Czech Republic, M Zahradka, Siemens, Czech Republic


Field demonstration and evaluation of centralized voltage control system for distribution network
M Watanabe, M Miyata, TEPCO Power Grid Inc., Japan, N Itaya, T Takano, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Japan


Pilot project using curtailment to increase the renewable energy share on the distribution network
T L Vandoorn, L Degroote, P Lindeboom, D Meire, P Reyniers, Eandis, Belgium, L Vandevelde, Ghent University, Belgium


Remote management in Elektrilevi OÜ
H Luus, Elektrilevi OÜ, Estonia


AIR - intelligent grid automation
F Rover, T Morais, J Aith, ELEKTRO, Brazil


Fractional-order PID controller design of frequency deviation in a hybrid renewable energy generation and storage system
K Nosrati, H R Mansouri, H Saboori, Great Tehran Electrical Distribution Co., Iran


Decision support for distribution automation: data analytics for automated fault diagnosis and prognosis
X Wang, S McArthur, S Strachan, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, B Paisley, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Voltage stability monitoring methods for distribution grids using the thevenin impedance
S Polster, H Renner, Graz University of Technology, Austria


Using synchrophasors in distribution networks for synchronized switching
M Wache, Siemens AG, Germany, D Willems, Sibelga, Belgium, F van Cauteren, Siemens NV, Belgium


Development of PLC System with large capacity and high reliability
Y Inoue, M Uchiyama, Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc., Japan


Determination of load frequency dependence in island power supply
C J Steinhart, M Finkel, Hochschule Augsburg, Germany, G Kerber, LEW Verteilnetz GmbH, Germany, R Witzmann, M Gratza, TU München, Germany


From simulation to reality - Testing today a decentralised grid operation of the Future
E Drayer, University of Kassel, Denmark, P Pernigotto, M Lazarus, Électricité de Strasbourg Réseaux, France, J L Garrote Molinero, Schneider Electric, United Kingdom, F Ramos, Schneider Electric, Spain, M Braun, University of Kassel, Denmark/Fraunhofer IWES, Denmark


Improving smart SCADA data analysis with alternative data sources
B Almeida, M Louro, M Queiroz, A Neves, H Nunes, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


Data driven approach for monitoring, protection and control of distribution system assets using micro-PMU technology
E Stewart, M Stadler, C M Roberts, D Arnold, J Y Joo, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States, J Reilly, Reilly Associates, United States


Online control algorithm for sub-half-hourly operation of LV-connected energy storage device owned by DNO
T Yunusov, M J Zangs, B A Potter, University of Reading, United Kingdom, W Holderbaum, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, M Fila, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, United Kingdom


The grid of the future and the need for a decentralized control architecture: the web-of-cells concept
L Martini, RSE, Italy, H Brunner, T Strasser, AIT, Austria, C Caerts, VITO, Belgium, E Rodriguez, TECNALIA, Spain, G M Burt, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom


Active management of generation in low voltage networks
S Jupe, S Hoda, S Hodgson, Nortech Management Ltd., United Kingdom, A Park, M Wright, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom


R-GOOSE - what it is and its application in distribution automation
A Apostolov, OMICRON electronics, United States


Impact of IEC 61850 Edition 2 on the object modeling of distribution protection IEDs
A Apostolov, OMICRON electronics, United States


Fast self-healing control of faults in MV networks using distributed intelligence
T Yip, J Wang, Kehui Power Automation, China, B Xu, K Fan, Shandong University of Technology, China, T Li, State Grid Fujian Electric Power, China


Interaction of MV- and LV- automation systems for a smart distribution grid
P Steinbusch, M Modemann, J Meese, R Uhlig, M Stötzel, M Zdrallek, University of Wuppertal, Germany, T Kumm, EWE NETZ GmbH, Germany, W Friedrich, U Schlüter, Mauell GmbH, Germany


Distributed voltage control coordination between renewable generation plants in MV distribution grids
L Petersen, F Iov, Aalborg University, Denmark


Individual control method for hybrid voltage regulator
N Takahashi, S Uemura, Central Research Institute of Japan, Japan, S C Verma, H Ueda, Y Kunii, M Iwata, S Sasaki, Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc, Japan


The scenario-based approach adopted in the ELECTRA project for deriving innovative control room functionality
M Marinelli, K Heussen, A Prostejovsky, H W Bindner, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, V M Catterson, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, J Merino, TECNALIA, Spain, C Tornelli, RSE, Italy


Computation and visualization of reachable distribution network substation voltage
M Sankur, D Arnold, L Schector, E Stewart, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States


Enel – Endesa SCADA/ADMS convergence assessment methodology
B J Deaver, EPRI, United States, G Di Lembo, C Noce, Enel SPA., Italy


Electric vehicles and low voltage grid: impact of uncontrolled demand side response
L Hattam, D Vukadinovic Greetham, University of Reading, United Kingdom, S Haben, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, D Roberts, EA Technology, United Kingdom


ADMS4LV - advanced distribution management system for active management of LV grids
F Campos, L Marques, N Silva, EFACEC, Portugal, F Melo, EDP D, Portugal, C Gouveia, A Madureira, J Pereira, INESC TEC, Portugal


Distribution voltage monitoring and control utilizing smart meters
Y Kinoshita, K Iwabuchi, Y Miyazaki, Toshiba, Japan


Implementation and validation of synthetic inertia support employing series-produced electric vehicles
M Rezkalla, S Martinenas, A Zecchino, M Marinelli, Technical university of Denmark, Denmark, E Rikos, CRES, Greece


ELECTRA IRP voltage control strategy for enhancing power system stability in future grid architectures
J Merino, J E Rodriguez-Seco, TECNALIA, Spain, I Garcia-Villalba, University of the Basque Country, Spain, A Temiz, TUBITAK MAM, Turkey, C Caerts, VITO, Belgium, R Schwalbe, T I Strasser, AIT, Austria


Requirements for future control room and visualization features in the Web-of-Cells framework defined in the ELECTRA project
C Tornelli, R Zuelli, RSE, Italy, M Marinelli, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, A Z Morch, SINTEF, Norway, L Cornez, CEA LIST, France


Islanded operation of modular grids
T Schnelle, A Schweer, Mitteldeutsche Netzgesellschaft Strom mbH, Germany, P Schegner, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany


Implementation of fuzzy logic for mitigating conflicts of frequency containment
E Rikos, CRES, Greece, M Syed, G Burt, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, C Caerts, VITO, Belgium, M Rezkalla, M Marinelli, DTU, Denmark


UPGRID Project - the management and control of LV network
S Noske, D Falkowski, ENERGA-OPERATOR SA, Poland, K Swat, T Boboli, Atende Software Sp. zo.o., Poland


Use case-driven innovation for IEC 61850 modeling
J Masurkewitz-Moeller, M. Specht, OFFIS eV, Germany, W Friedrich, Mauell GmbH, Germany


Smart fault handling in medium voltage distribution grids
K A Tutvedt, R Seguin, Hafslund Nett, Norway, G Kjølle, T S Hermansen, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway, S Simonsen, Skagerak Nett, Norway, I Myhr, NTNU, Norway


State forecasting in smart distribution grids: a modular approach using CARMA-algorithm
K Korotkiewicz, M Ludwig, M Stötzel, M Zdrallek, University of Wuppertal, Germany, T Braje, SAG GmbH, Germany, U Dietzler, Energieversorgung Leverkusen GmbH, Germany, W Friedrich, Mauell GmbH, Germany


Real-time, centralised voltage control in 33kV and 11kV electricity distribution networks
Y Mavrocostanti, J Berry, Western Power Distribution, United Kingdom


Decentralized control through self healing grids
G Mane, S Parkhe, S Dhabale, The Tata Power Company Ltd, India


Fast alarm processing without connectivity information
A C Lisboa, D A G Vieira, ENACOM, Brazil, E C Pereira, CEMIG D, Brazil


Operation and performance of a medium voltage DC link
A Aithal, J Wu, Cardiff University, United Kingdom


A new approach for on-load tap-changer control based on intelligent voltage stability margin estimation by using local measurements 
H Feng, K Viereck, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH, Germany, S Breker, J Rudolph, EnergieNetz Mitte GmbH, Germany


Comparison of testing and commissioning activities in traditional and digitized substation protection and control systems
J Starck, O Rintamäki, H Niveri, ABB Oy, Finland


Enhanced LV supervision by combining data from meters, secondary substation measurements and MV SCADA
N Etherden, A K Johansson, U Ysberg, Vattenfall, Sweden, K Kvamme, Powel A/S, Norway, D Pampliega, Schneider Electric, Spain, C Dryden, General Electric, United Kingdom


Realisation of a intelligent and continuous process connection in substations
C Süfke, C Haverkamp, C Wehling, A Fräbel, S Kreutz, Westnetz GmbH, Germany


Towards the modernization of the SCADA systems of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator – considerations and steps forward
N Hatziargyriou, C Katsanos, A Zafeirakis, A Tzevelekos, HEDNO, Greece, V Kleftakis, F Palaiogiannis, A Dimeas, I Vlachos, NTUA, Greece


Coordinated voltage control in LV grid with solar PVs: development, verification and field t
M M Viyathukattuva Mohamed Ali, T H Vo, P H Nguyen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands, Y Xiang, SIM-CI, Netherlands, J Marjan, Elektro Gorenjska, Netherlands, J F G Cobben, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands/Alliander NV, Netherlands


Technology independent security requirements for successful procurement of RTUs to get acceptable risk levels at DSOs
M Hoeve, ENCS, Netherlands, C Montes Portela, Enexis, Netherlands, B Luijkx, Liander, Netherlands


Evaluating the reliability and security of power distribution wireless network
L Chen, X Dong, Z Wu, Z Liu, Electrical Power Research Institute of CSG, China, B Chen, China Southern Power Grid (CSG), China


IEC-61850 control system at ST Windyhill Scotland
J Boticario, J Lorenzo, S Rementeria, Arteche, Spain, J Cunningham, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Low power instrument transformer based MV automation: lessons learned and future applications
A Larrabeiti, I Garabieta, J A Lozano, M G Zamalloa, ARTECHE, Spain, Z Ojinaga, V Macias, IBERDROLA, Spain


Experimentation of voltage regulation infrastructure on LV network using an OLTC with a PLC communication system
C Baudot, G Roupioz, O Carre, Enedis, France, J Wild, Schneider Electric, France, C Potet, WDB, France


Interaction of Smart Grid Applications supporting Plug&Automate for Intelligent Secondary Substations
A Einfalt, S Cejka, K Diwold, A Frischenschlager, Siemens AG Österreich, Austria, M Faschang, M Stefan, F Kupzog, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria


Supporting Control Room Operators in Highly Automated Future Power Networks
M Chen, V Catterson, M Syed, S McArthur, G Burt, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, M Marinelli, A M Prostejovsky, K Heussen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark


Intelligent network assets supervision and control in enedis
M Lagouardat, J-M Wine, O Carré, Enedis, France


Service quality assurance in the IP networks for Smart Grids
P Ceferin, R Djukic, I Stih, B Zupan, Smart Com, Slovenia, Z Toros, Elektro Primorska, Slovenia


Synchro-check in digital Switchgear
J Starck, K Hiitelä, ABB Oy, Finland, K Majer, ABB s.r.o., Czech Republic


Smart Building Potential within heavily utilised networks
W Peat, J Whyte, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom, C Higgins, Derryherk Ltd, United Kingdom


On automated microGrid control system
T Jiang, L M Costa, N Siebert, GE, United Kingdom, P Tordjman, GE, France


Power Management System Implementation on Off-shore Gas Platforms
I G Kulis, F Vidovic, M Peric, M Boras, Koncar-KET, Croatia


Cyber security for modern distribution automation grids
J-L Batard, Y Chollot, P Pipet, L Lamberti, A Gauci, Schneider Electric, France


Improving MV grid control, remote operations and reliability through advanced TLC network and SCADA architecture
A E P Rondelli, M Galimberti, e-distribuzione S.p.A, Italy


Mitigating power system inertia reduction within a web-of-cells control framework: a preliminary analysis
M Cabiati, S Canevese, A Gatti, M Rossi, RSE SpA, Italy

Block 3: Protection


Fault location of unbalanced power distribution feeder with distributed generation using neural networks
F Dehghani, F Khodnia, E Dehghan, Lorestan Electric Power Distribution Company, Iran


Open or closed ring networks?
H Grasset, Schneider Electric, France


Optimal reclosing time to improve transient stability in distribution system
A R Adly, Atomic Energy Authority, Egypt, R A El Sehiemy, Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt, A Y Abdelaziz, Ain Shams University, Egypt


Impact of voltage fluctuation on Petersen-coil control and results of a tuning method with evaluation of side frequencies.
M Schloemmer, T Schinerl, H Osterkorn, Trench Group, Austria


Suppression of the atmospheric over-voltages in grounding neutral conductor low voltage grids
Z Kovacic, T Jelavic, T Rogosic, HEP, Croatia, T Garma, Technical University of Split, Croatia


Designing a coordinated protection system for microgrids enabled with DERs based on unidirectional FCL
M M Khademi, Hormozgan Electric Power Distribution Company, Iran


Practise-oriented consideration of the dynamic fast fault current of power park modules in grid protection analysis
M Jäkel, H Vennegeerts, A Moser, FGH eV Germany, F Glinka, A Schnettler, RWTH, Aachen, Germany


Viability assessment for a centralized protection and control systems architectures in MV substations
B de Oliveira e Sousa, J Starck, J Valtari, ABB Oy, Finland


Why the operation failure of high breaking capacity fuses is so frequent?
J C Gomez, D H Tourn, S Nesci, L Sanchez, H Rovere, Río Cuarto National University, Argentina


Earthing systems connected via metallic screens of the 20 kV underground cables in non-urban areas
E Niemelä, Finnish Energy, Finland, T Lähdeaho, Elenia Oy University, Finland, A Mäkinen, P Pakonen, Tampere University of Technology, Finland


New method for high-impedance fault detection
H Laaksonen, P Hovila, ABB Oy, Finland


New protection coordination system according to ESS and renewable energy expansion
K S Lee, J M Kim, B H Shin, KEPCO-HQ, Korea


Hardware based characterisation of LV inverter fault response
I Abdulhadi, F Coffele, Power Networks Demonstration Centre, United Kingdom, A Dysko, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, C Foote, C Kungu, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom, M Lee, Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution, United Kingdom


Protection system analysis in LV grid, with high DG penetration, in parallel and islanding operation
N L Filipe, A Leiria, EDP Labelec, Portugal, R André, EDP NEW R&D, Portugal, J Damasio, SIEMENS SA, Portugal, M Gerlich, SIEMENS AG, Germany, S Rodriguez, GPTECH, Spain


NDZ of an anti-islanding protection with ROCOF threshold
O Arguence, F Cadoux, B Raison, UGA, G2Elab, France, L De Alvaro, Enedis, France


Anti-islanding protection of distributed generators with regard to sensitivity in a balance and power system stability
M Lukac, Z Matisic, HEP-ODS, Croatia


New solution of fault directional detection for MV Fault Passage Indicators
Y Chollot, J Mecreant, D Leblond, P Cumnel, Schneider Electric, France


Implementation of a System Integrity Protection Scheme (SIPS) in the Channel Islands
C De Arriba, A Lopez, J Cardenas, GE Grid Solutions, Spain, T Woodford, Guernsey Electricity and CIEG, United Kingdom, A Bone, GSS, United Kingdom


EDP's experience in optimizing in-service protection system units
M Verissimo, B Almeida, H M Nunes, M Louro, C Cura, H Heitor, L Candeias, EDP Distribuição, Portugal, F Carvalho, J Mateus, AmberTREE, Portugal


The need for zero sequence voltage protection in MV networks with high levels of distributed generation
J Mateus, M Ferreira, P Carvalho, AmberTREE, Portugal, A Leiria, LABELEC, Portugal, M Louro, B Almeida, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


New transient fault location method in non-solidly earthed system for distribution network
T LI, State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co, Ltd., China, C Huang, State Grid Quanzhou Power Supply Company, China


Why does the earth fault detection method based on 3RD harmonic work in large meshed 110-kV-networks
G Druml, Sprecher Automation, Austria, O Skrbinjek, Energie Steiermark, Austria, U Schmidt, University Zittau, Germany, P Schegner, TU-Dresden, Germany, L Fickert, TU-Graz, Austria


High-impedance fault detection technology based on transient information in resonant grounding system
T Y Li, State grid Fujian Electric Power Company Ltd., China, Y D Xue, China University of Petroleum, China, B Y Xu, Shandong University of Technology, China


Rate of change of frequency protection: toward a viable algorithm for a protective relay
M Kleemann, V Piskarov, Sprecher Automation, Germany


An optimization algorithm for earth fault location on MV distribution feeders
T D Le, M Petit, CentraleSupélec - GeePs, France


Evaluation of existing DC protection solutions on an active LVDC distribution network under different fault conditions
D Wang, A Emhemed, P Norman, G Burt, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom


Challenges and solutions for MV & LV protection in grids with large amount of distributed generation – A final report from the German research project ProFuDiS
F Glinka, T Wippenbeck, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, T Schmidt, T Wiedemann, innogy SE, Germany, C Bennauer, Schneider Electric GmbH, Germany


Fast protection against islanding and unwanted tripping of distributed generation caused by ground faults
K Pandakov, H K Høidalen, NTNU, Norway, J I Marvik, SINTEF, Norway


Feasibility of an efficient add-on protection system for a real world microgrid in islanded mode
T Wippenbeck, R Bertram, A Schnettler, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, R Köberle, AllgäuNetz, Germany, K Böhme, J Weidauer, Siemens, Germany


Accurate localization of ground faults in non-solidly earthed networks based on transients analysis
C Dzienis, A Jurisch, Siemens AG, Germany


New settings including rate of change of frequency for interface protection relays used for generators connected to MV grid
S Emelin, Enedis, France, V Gabrion, EDF, France


A new architecture of centralized protection suiting future development trend of distribution network
H Li, P Liu, O S Adio, M S Khalid, HUST, China, Z Bo, XUJI Group, China


Evaluation of different solutions of faulted phase earthing technique for an earth fault current limitation
D Topolanek, P Toman, M Ptacek, Bmo University of Technology, Czech Republic, J Dvorak, E.ON, Czech Republic


Effect of core balance current transformer errors on sensitive earth-fault protection in compensated MV-networks
A Wahlroos, J Altonen, ABB Oy, Finland, P Vano, ABB sro, Czech Republic


New and smart multi-ended differential solution for power networks
J Jesus, S Richards, S Subramanian, H Ha, GE Grid Solutions, United Kingdom


Location of arc faults on 11 kV overhead lines using radiometry
P Moore, P Walker, Elimpus, United Kingdom, N Gray, A Park, SPEN, United Kingdom


Restoration of overhead distribution networks by means of temporary fault indicators application
M Lasmar, E Tavares, Federal Universadade Itajubá, Brazil, G Ferraz, R Capelini, R Salustiano, HVEX, Brazil, Â R de Oliveira, DEODE, Brazil, R Deladea, ENERGISA, Brazil


Application of multi-frequency admittance-based fault passage indication in practical compensated MV-network
J Altonen, A Wahlroos, ABB Oy, Finland, S Vähäkuopus, Elenia Oy, Finland


Reliable protection systems for locally supplied MV distribution networks
F Bignucolo, A Savio, M Coppo, R Turri, University of Padova, Italy, A Cerretti, R Calone, e-distribuzione, Italy


Estimation of short circuit currents in future LVDC microgrids
A Virdag, T Hager, Hager Group, Germany, R W De Doncker, RWTH Aachen, Germany


Protection Scheme for Energy Storage Systems Operating in Island or Grid Connected Modes
A Neves, B Almeida, M Loruo, R Santos, A Araujo, J Ferreira Pinto, EDP Distribuição, Portugal, J Santana, S Pinto, P Gamboa, M Chaves, INESC ID, Portugal, J Damasio, Siemens, Portugal


Improved fault location algorithm for MV Networks based on practical experience
T Gu, F Provoost, Alliander N.V., Netherlands


Adverse Impact of Distributed Generation on Protection of the Hellenic MV Network – Recommendations for Protection Scheme Upgrade
V A Papaspiliotopoulos, G N Korres, NTUA, Greece, N D Hatziargyriou, HEDNO, Greece


MV high impedance faults detection based on LV measurements
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Resonant grounding applied in Brazil
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