Session 2: Power quality and electromagnetic compatibility

Block 1: Electric and Magnetic fields, safety and interference


Comparison between magnetic and electric fields levels due to the operation of dry and oil distribution transformers
G Abdel Salam, South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company, Egypt


Electromagnetic field level in the immediate vicinity of a linky meter
D Picard, J Legrand, CentraleSupélec GeePs, France


Exposure to the electromagnetic fields generated by power lines carrying smart metering RF signals
W Pirard, B Vatovez, P Bernard, ISSeP, Belgium


The effect of unbalanced loads  in distribution transformers and ground network on electromagnetic fields
M A Mahmoud, North Delta Electricity Distribution Company, Egypt, K Youssef, Improving Energy Efficiency of Lighting & Building Applicence Project, Egypt


Estimation of substation earth impedance in a global earthing system
M Davies, R Weller, Edif ERA, United Kingdom, S Tucker, UK Power Networks, United Kingdom


Electromagnetic AC interface between high voltage overhead lines and pipelines sharing the same corridor
A Anany, North Delta Distribution Co., Egypt


Validation of an integrated methodology for design of grounding systems through field measurements
C Cardoso, L Rocha, A Leiria, EDP Labelec, Portugal, P Teixeira, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


Multilayer magnetic shielding: an innovative overlapping structure
A Canova, Politecnico di Torino, Italy


Assessment of EMF-Exposure in residential buildings caused by smart metering systems using PLC
A Abart, Netz OÖ GmbH, Austria, M Flohberger, Energie AG OÖ, Telekom, Austria, R Hirtler, ESF Vienna, Austria


The influence of grounding transformer on ground fault current in MV networks
H Opacak, T Calic, S Jergovic, HEP Elektroistra, Croatia


Using low voltage surge protection devices for lightning protection of 15/0.4 kV pole mounted distribution transformers
F O Resende, INESC TEC, Portugal, J A Peças Lopes, INESC TEC, Portugal/FEUP, Portugal


High performance magnetic shielding solution for ELF sources
A Canova, L Giaccone, Politecnico di Torino, Italy


New Model for the Calculation of Harmonics in the Residual Earth Fault Current of Medium Voltage Systems
K Frowein, P Schegner, TU Dresden, Germany, U Schmidt, HS Zittau/Goerlitz, Germany, G Druml, Sprecher Automation GmbH, Austria


Making Risk Based Earthing Design Accessible and Effective.
W Carman, Bill Carman Consulting, Australia


Magnetic Field in an Apartment Located above 10/0.4 kV Substation: Levels and Mitigation Techniques
M Grbic, Electrical Engineering Institute “Nikola Tesla”, Serbia, A Canova, L Giaccone, Politecnico di Torino, Italy


Ensuring Public Safety Through Proper Earthing In Low Voltage Networks
S Bhattacharyya, Enexis, Netherlands, S Cobben, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands


Electromagnetic Interferences in Smart Grid Applications: a case study of PLC Smart Meters with PV Energy Generation
D Roggo, R Horta, L Capponi, HES-SO Valais-Wallis, Switzerland, L Eggenschwiler, HES-SO Fribourg, Switzerland, C Pellodi, F Decorvet, Services Industriels de Genève, Switzerland, F Buholzer, Landis+Gyr, Swizerland


Levels of Electric and Magnetic Fields inside 110/X kV Substations
M Grbic, A Pavlovic, D Hrvic, B Vulevic, Nikola Tesla Electrical Engineering Institute, Serbia


Hazards and Protective measures at work on 20kV line in close vicinity to parallel 220kV line
D Milun, HEP ODS d.o.o., Croatia


Assessment of the Electromagnetic Coupling Between Lines of Different Voltages Sharing the Same Structures
L Moraes, G Lopes, A Violin, E Wanderley Neto, Federal University of Itajubá, Brazil, A Piantini, IEE/ University of São Paulo, Brazil, G Ferraz, R Salustiano, R Capelini, HVEX, Brazil, J Campos, ENERGISA, Brazil


Analysis of Magnetic Coupling Lines with Shared Structure Using Technique of Finite Elements
M Lasmar, L Batista, E Tavares, Federal University of Itajubá, Brazil, G Ferraz, R Capelini, R Salustiano, HVEX, Brazil, J Campos, ENERGISA, Brazil


Investigation of lossy ground in lightning induced overvoltage at presence of surge arrester in CST software
M Mehdi Khademi, M Hajizadeh, M Zakeri Ziyarati, Hormozgan electrical distribution company, Iran

Block 2: Power quality issues of distributed generation and electric vehicles


Evaluating emission and immunity of harmonics in frequency range of 2-150 KHz caused by switching of static convertor in solar power plant
J B Noshahr, B M Kalasar, Ardebil Province Electricity Distribution Company, Iran


Evaluating noise and DC offset due to inter-harmonics and supra-harmonics caused by back to back converter of (DFIG) generator in AC distribution network
A Alizade, J B Noshahr, Ardabil Province Electricity Distribution Company, Iran


Capacitor Bank Behaviour of Cement Factory in Presence of Supra-Harmonics Resulted from Switching Full Power Frequency Converter of Generator (PMSG Harmonic)
B Mohamadi Kalesar, J Behkesh Moshahr, Ardabal Province Electricity Distribution Company, Iran


Comparison between types of DFIG converter with various switching techniques
M N F Nashed, Electronics Research Institute, Egypt


How to deal with electromagnetic disturbances caused by new inverter technologies connected to public network
X Yang, L Bertin, EDF R&D, France


Impact of control-command process in a photovoltaic conversion chain on the power line channel transfer function in the narrowband PLC frequency range
C Wawrzyniak, V Moeyaert, F Vallée, UMONS, Belgium


Comparative performance of Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS) with PI controller using heuristic optimization algorithms
H E Keshta, E M Saied, F M Bendary, Benha University, Egypt, A A Ali, Helwan University, Egypt


The impact of grid - connected photovoltaic system on power quality indices and it's output variations with temperature
N Ahmed, A Sedky, A Fatehy, M Foda, MEEDC, Egypt


Performance indicators for quantifying the ability of the grid to host renewable electricity production
O Lennerhag, G Pinares, M H J Bollen, STRI AB, Sweden, G Foskolos, T Gafurov, MälarEnergi, Sweden


Impact of PAJ with varying POW in voltage sag on rotor over-voltage in DFIG based wind generator
J Ren, X-Y Xiao, Y-F Liu, Z-X Zheng, Sichuan University, China, W-B Chen, Nanjing Golden Cooperate Information & Automation Technology Co. Ltd., China


Harmonic disturbances up to 150 kHz produced by small wind turbines on the LV distribution grid
C Leroi, E De Jaeger, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, M Bekemans, Thales Alenia Space, Belgium


Impact of wind power plant operation on MV distribution grids
M Tesarova, R Vykuka, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, M Kaspirek, E.ON Distribution, Czech Republic


Smart voltage regulator to active voltage level management of distribution networks
L Neves Canha, UFSM, Brazil, P R Pereira, UNISINOS, Brazil, M Antunes, CEEE-D, Brazil


Decongestion of the distribution grid via optimized location of PV-battery systems
J Van Ryckeghem, T Delerue, A Bottenberg, J Desmet, Ghent University, Belgium, J Rens, North-West University, South Africa


Power quality aspects of solar power - results from CIGRE JWG C4/C6.29
J Smith, EPRI, United States, S Rönnberg, M Bollen, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, J Meyer, A M Blanco, TU Dresden, Germany, K-L Koo, PB World, United Kingdom, D Mushamalirwa, Alstom, France


Voltage unbalance due to single-phase photovoltaic inverters
D Schwanz, S Rönnberg, M Bollen, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden


CIGRE C4/C6.29: survey of utilities experiences on power quality issues related to solar power
J Meyer, A-M Blanco, Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany, S Rönnberg, M Bollen, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, J Smith, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), United States


Harmonic, interharmonic and supraharmonic characterisation of a 12-MW-wind park based on field measurements
A-M Blanco, J Meyer, Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany, B Heimbach, B Wartmann, M Mangani, M Oeschger, EWZ, Switzerland


Flicker in distribution networks due to photovoltaic systems
H Karawia, M Mahmoud, M Sami, AEDC, Egypt


DC bus voltage balancing controllers for split DC-link four-wire inverters and their impact on the quality of the injected currents
D Bozalakov, B Meersman, A Bottenberg, J Desmet, L Vandevelde, Ghent University, Belgium, J Rens, North-West University, South Africa


Power quality analysis of the Zhangjiakou Regional Network in China
C Ding, Y Zhang, Tsinghua University, China, X Li, J Ding, State Grid Jibei Electric Economic Research Institute, China, S Wei, L Wang, Sien Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd, China


Detailed power quality measurement of electric vehicle charging infrastructure
C Kattmann, K Rudion, S Tenbohlen, University of Stuttgart, Germany


Harmonic emission assessment on a distribution network: the opportunity for the prevailing angle in harmonic phasors
B Peterson, J Rens, North West University, South Africa, J Desmet, Ghent University, Belgium


Standard passive harmonic filter for wind farm connections
A Kazerooni, L Koo, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, United Kingdom, C Brozio, SP Networks , Z Emin, Power System Consultants, United Kingdom, E Chalmers, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Measurement of voltage instabilities caused by inverters in weak grids
M Höckel, A Gut, S Schori, BFH, Switzerland, M Arnal, BKW, Switzerland, R Schild, KWO, Switzerland, P Steinmann, ABB, Switzerland


A control strategy for reactive power and harmonic compensation of three-phase grid connected photovoltaic system
M T Hagh, M Jadidbonab, M Jedari, University of Tabriz, Iran


Hybrid statcom solutions in renewable systems
E Perez, S Rementeria, Arteche, Spain, Aitor Laka, Ingeteam Power Technology, Spain


Ultra Fast Charging Station Harmonic Resonance Analysis In the Dutch MV Grid: Application of Power Converter Harmonic Model
Y Sun, V Cuk, J F G Cobben, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, E De Jong, DNV GL, Netherlands

Block 3: Power quality measurement, analysis and mitigation methods


How facts on the distribution system are being used to improve power quality
J Diaz de Leon II, B Lieblick, AMSC, United States, E Wylie, AMSC, United Kingdom


Self-tuning indirect adaptive current control of shunt active power filters in electric power distribution systems
M Monfared, H Gholami-Khesht, S Alishahi, MEEDC, Iran, M Zabihi, Scandic Informatics and Techniques AB, Sweden


Design and implementation of a single-phase shunt active power filter based on PQ theory for current harmonic compensation in electric distribution networks
M Monfared, M-S Karbasforooshan, S Alishahi, MEEDC, Iran, N Nakhodchi, Scandic Informatics & Techniques AB, Sweden


Power quality measurements in a single house microgrid
S Rönnberg, M Bollen, J Nömm, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden


THD minimization of multilevel inverter with optimized both DC sources magnitude and switching angels
M T Hagh, F N Mazgar, S Roozbehani, UOT, Iran, A Jalilian, Kermanshah Elect. Dist. Co., Iran


HVDC technology and power quality issues in Slovenian transmission system - technical study
L Herman, A Bozicek, B Blazic, I Papic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


A new method to assess harmonic grid congestion in MV-networks
S Uytterhoeven, Q Antoine, Laborelec, Belgium, P Vermeyen, Eandis, Belgium


Advanced ripple control signal calculation tools for DNO’s
S Uytterhoeven, D Empain, Laborelec, Belgium, P Vermeyen, Eandis, Belgium


Survey of supraharmonic emission of household appliances
A Grevener, J Meyer, Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany, S Rönnberg, M Bollen, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, J Myrzik, Technische Universitaet Dortmund, Germany


Harmonic resonances in residential low voltage networks caused by consumer electronics
J Meyer, R Stiegler, P Schegner, Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany, I Röder, A Belger, NRM Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH, Germany


Harmonic analysis of street lighting lamps
H Karawia, M Elhoseiny, M Mahmoud, AECD, Egypt


Analysis of harmonic influence by high-speed electric railway's connection with power grid
F Zhao, L Liu, Shenyang Institute of Engineering, China, F Sun, Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd., China


A power quality analysis and thermal properties of the system associated with the change of fluorescent lamps for LED lamps
L Oliveira, M Fortes, D Carvalho, R Tomaz, A Fragoso, A Queiroz, UFF, Brazil


Harmonic analysis of lighting technology application - case study in distribution network: smart city Buzios
A Paula, A Fragoso, M Fortes, V Ferreira, A Pereira, UFF, Brazil


Measurement and analysis of base transceiver stations power quality parameters and assessment of its unfavourable effects on Iran distribution systems
K Roshan Milani, B Adham, Electricity Distribution Company of East Azarbaijan province, Iran, M R Banaei, F Mohajel Kazemi, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Iran


Performance and stability study of a triple Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) based on matrix converter
R Ghazi, M R Alami, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, M R Mozayeni, Khorasan Razavi Electric Energy Distribution Company, Iran


Determination of flicker contributions based on synchronised measurements of rapid RMS changes
V Cuk, F Ni, S Xue, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, A Jongepier, Enduris B.V., Netherlands, H van den Brom, G Rietveld, M Acanski, VSL, Netherlands, S Cobben, Alliander, Netherlands/TU Eindhoven, Netherlands


Study and comparison of the effect of conventional, low losses and amorphous transformers on the ferroresonance occurrence in electric distribution networks
M Hajizadeh, I Safinejad, N Amirshekari, Hormozgan Electric Power Distribution Company, Iran


Frequency scans and resonance mode analysis for resonance problems identification in power networks in presence of harmonic pollution
L Eggenschwiler, O Galland, P Favre-Perrod, HES-SO Fribourg, Switzerland, D Chollet, F Décorvet, Services Industriels de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, D Roggo, HES-SO Valais, Switzerland


Research of process immunity time of boiler coal feeding system in thermal power plant and solution to voltage sags
L Wang, Golden Cooperate Co., Ltd, China, X Zhu, NUAA, China, H Zhang, Y Zhao, Z Zhu, Shenzhen Power Supply Co.Ltd, China, M Fan, CEPRI, China, Z Zheng, Sichuan University, China


A new generation voltage regulation distribution transformer with an on load tap changer for power quality improvement in the electrical distribution systems
S Mokkapaty, J Weiss, F Schalow, SBG Transformers, Germany, J Declercq, SGB-SMIT Group, Netherlands


The measurement of high frequency disturbances in Slovenian substations
U M Peterlin, T Zivic, Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, Slovenia


Interharmonics analysis of a 7.5kW air compressor motor
M Zhiyuan, M W Xiong, L Le, X Zhong, Electric Power Test & Research Institute of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Ltd., China


Resolving Inconsistencies in Three-phase Current Measurements
A Urquhart, M Thomson, Loughborough University, United Kingdom


A  New Novel Method of Harmonic Analysis in Power Distribution Networks using Artificial Intelligence
M Fayyazi, Ardabil Electricity Distribution Company, Iran, A Akbari Majd, Mohaghegh University, Iran


Discussion on Preconditions for Reproducible Measurements on Power Conversion Harmonics between 2 and 150 kHz
J Knockaert, B Vanseveren, J Desmet, Ghent University Lemcko, Belgium

Block 4: Power quality monitoring systems, data mining, economic and regulatory issues


Using voltage sag measurements for advanced fault location and condition based maintenance
M Tremblay, B Fazio, D Valiquette, Hydro-Québec, Canda


Evaluation of long-term voltage swells monitoring in the distribution system
M Tesarova, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, M Kaspirek, E.ON Distribution, Czech Republic


Analysis of voltage quality parameters in LV distribution grids with connected DES
M Kaspirek, L Mikulas, E.ON Distribution, Czech Republic, D Mezera, E.ON Czech Republic, Czech Republic


Power Quality index's predication based on Cluster Analysis and Support Vector Machine
J Song, J Zhou, A Pan, State Grid Shanghai EPRI, China, Z Xie, X Yang, Shanghai University of Electric Power, China


Unbalanced current based tariff
H Arghavani, Tehran Electricity Power Distribution (TBTB) co., Iran, M Peyravi, Tehran University, Iran


Voltage dips and swells in Danish distribution grids
H Hansen, M Erleng, Danish Energy Association, Denmark


Analysis of voltage quality parameters in MV distribution grid
M Kaspirek, L Mikulas, E.ON Distribution, Czech Republic, D Mezera, E.ON Czech Republic, Czech Republic, K Prochazka, EGC Energoconsult, Czech Republic, P Santarius, P Krejci, VSB - TU Ostrava, Czech Republic


Evaluation of long and short interruptions indices of power supply in the Czech Republic
K Prochazka, F Broz, EGC CB s.r.o., Czech Republic, J Sefranek, Energy Regulatory Office, Czech Republic, M Konc, CEZ Distribuce, Czech Republic, M Kaspirek, E.ON Ceska Republika, Czech Republic, J Hradecky, REdistribuce, Czech Republic


EDP Distribuição's development of support tools and platforms for power quality management and analysis
F Gonçalves, A Lebre, P Veloso, F Bastião, N Melo, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


An approach to reduce MAIFI - the quality of service indicator for momentary interruptions - the experience of the Portuguese DSO
M Couto, J Pascoal, J Dias Matos, J Antunes, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


Unified power quality index for electrical network in Alexandria-case study
H Karawia, M Mahmoud, AEDC, Egypt


A new power quality observation algorithm to power distribution network
M Youhannaei, M E Honarmand, J Talebi, A Sharifi, Gilian Electric Power Co., Iran, H Mokhtari, Sharif university of technology, Iran


Harmonics penalty tariff design for arc furnace customer
M Rusli, M Ihsan, PLN, Indonesia


The design and application of power quality monitoring system for the smart substation based on IEC 61850
L Luo, S Chen, State Grid Shanghai EPRI, China, Y Yang, S Yuan, State Grid SMEPC, China, H Luo, Hunan University, China, Y Hu, XJ Electric, SGCC, China


Enel global solution for power quality monitoring and analysis
J M Romero Gordon, Endesa, Spain, C Noce, Enel S.p.A., Italy


Impacts of the change in regulation in Brazil: penalty simulation for violation of collective interruption indications versus compensation for consumers
A D S Barbosa, P L Carvalho, ANEEL, Brazil


New publicly-accessible online power quality monitoring databases
K Kittredge, D Sabin, B Todd, Electrotek Concepts, United States


Reliability assessment indices and method for urban microgrid.
T Ma, J Wu, Beijing Jiaotong University, China, X Niu, EDF Holding Ltd Co., China


Regulation and classification of voltage dips
L Weldemariam, V Cuk, S Cobben, TU/Eindhoven, Netherlands, J van Waes, Movares Energy, Netherlands


Classification of voltage sag disturbance sources using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method
C Li, J Yang, Y Xu, Y Wu, P Wei, North China Electric Power University, China


Performance standards applied to Romanian TSO and DSO
D Stanescu, D Federenciuc, Electrica, Romania, M Albu, S Gheorghe, Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, Romania, D Ilisiu, C Stanescu, Transelectrica, Romania


Research on classification of voltage sag sources based on recorded events
P Wei, Y Xu, Y Wu, C Li, North China Electric Power University, China


An Experience in Determining a Cost versus Quality of Service Characteristic in order to Define Optimal Investment Level
I O Cryillo, M A Pelegrini, G Quiroga, Sinapsis Inovação em Energia, Brazil, C F M Almeida, C M V Tahan, M R Gouvea, University São Paulo, Brazil


Dealing with Customer's Complaints Regarding PQ Issues - from DNO perspective
S Bhattacharyya, Enexis, Netherlands, S Cobben, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands