Session 1: Network components

Block 1: Research and Development of Network Components – Cables Systems


Offline PD diagnostics using several excitation voltages
H Putter, F Petzold, P Legler, Megger, Germany


On line monitoring of medium voltage overhead distribution lines polluted insulators severity
O E Gouda, Cairo University, Egypt, D M Khalifa, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, Egypt


ABC cables in colour other than black
Z Pamić, HEP ODS d.o.o. ELEKTRA ZAGREB, Croatia


Parameters of influence on LV cable ageing
Q De Clerck, J M Meunier, Laborelec, Belgium, J Van Slycken, Eandis, Belgium, M Van Den Berg, Sibelga, Belgium, P Colin, Ores, Belgium


Investigations on the mechanical and electrical behavior of HTLS conductors by accelerated ageing tests
C Kϋhnel, S Grossmann, IEEH TU Dresden, Germany, R Bardl, D Stengel, BAM Berlin, Germany, W Kiewitt, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Germany


Medium voltage shielded busbar long term ageing test method
K Helal, R Maladen, F Gentils, O Kozlova, Schneider Electric, France


External conductive layer on EDP MV underground cables leads to new oversheath requirements
E Francisco, J Cruz, J Silva, F Costeira, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


Integration challenges of high accuracy LPIT into MV recloser
B Kerr, N Uzelac, G&W Electric Co., United States, L Peretto, University of Bologna, Italy, E Scala, Altea S.r.l., Italy


Design of MV overhead lines to maximise bird safety
A Beutel, B McLaren, H Geldenhuys, N Khoza, R Kruger, R Branfied, Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd, South Africa, J Van Coller, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, C Hoogstad, Endangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa


Anti-ice and snow coating for EDP Distribuição's overhead lines
R Bernardo, J Cardoso, R Catalão, EDP Distribuição, Portugal, L Ilharco, IST-CQFM, Portugal


Sensitivity analysis of cable oscillating wave test system on multi-source defects diagnostics
G Lu, G Wu, J Xiong, Y Liu, Guangzhou Power Supply, China


Self-healing materials for autonomous cable repair
R RhodesI German, S Basu, G C Stevens, Gnosys Global Ltd., United Kingdom


Determining cables metrics using 3D ultrasonic scanning
S Sutton, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, P Willmott, Acuity Products Ltd, United Kingdom


The use of high temperature conductors in existing lines: economic and environmental benefits
L Moreira, A Lopes, EDP-Distribuição, Portugal


Investigation of partial discharge frequency dependence in distribution system cables
T S Negm, M Refaey, A A Hossam-Eldin, University of Alexandria, Egypt


Evaluation of aging degradation of 6kV CV cable (three-layer co-extruded structure)
M Kobayashi, M Kuze, Chubu Electric Power Company, Japan, T Fuseya, TOENEC Corporation, Japan


10 Years of experience with 3 kHz water tree test
M Burceanu, Q De Clerck, Y Tits, Laborelec, Belgium


An innovative power cable connection of property equivalence and non-joint
H Zhong, Y Xia, Z Liang, CYG Electric Technology Co., Ltd. China


Analysis and evaluation of dielectric parameters for design verification and calibration of a newly developed diagnostic system for MV power cables
F Eppelein, C Weindl, Coburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany, I Mladenovic, Siemens AG, Germany


Measurement results of a spatially-resolved diagnostic method and influencing factors in field environment of MV power cables
E Fischer, C Weindl, Coburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany


Experiences with cable faults located at metallic screen connections
H L Halvorson, S Hvidsten, H Kulbotten, J K Lervik, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway


Long-time evaluation of cable joints in water
M Dreßler, S Kornhuber, University of Applied Science Zittau/Görlitz, Germany, G Jacob, Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC Radeberg GmbH, Germany, B Knüpfer, Cellpack GmbH, Germany


New HVDC nanocomposite electrical insulation for improved MV and HVAC performance
N Freebody, G Stevens, Gnosys Global Ltd, United Kingdom, A Vaughan, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, F Perrot, A Hyde, GE Grid Solutions, United Kingdom


High performance thermoplastic cable insulation systems
A Pye, G Stevens, Gnosys Global Ltd, United Kingdom


Using nanomaterial to enhance the performance of medium voltage insulators and street lights considering environmental impacts
M Fazaee, M Abdoli, Tehran University, Iran, B Jamshidieini, AEPDC, Iran/Tehran University, Iran, N Eskandari, AEPDC, Iran


Sensitivity analysis of earthing system impedance for single and multilayered Soil
V Vycital, D Topolanek, P Toman, M Ptacek, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic


Underground and Overhead Monitoring Systems for MV Distribution Systems
F Zavoda, IREQ (Hydro-Quebec), Canada, E Rodriguez, 3M, United States, G C Fofeldea, 3M, Canada


Developement of long-term reliability evaluation method for polypropylene insulated MV cables
Y Jung, D Kim, B Lee, S Lee, KEPCO, Korea

Block 2: Research and Development of Network Components – Substations


Comparative advantage of using GRP in compact substations
C Martinez Nieto, D Tϋrk, A Palgi, ABB, Estonia


Proven reliability beyond the standards
I OrueI Gilbert, J Larrieta, S Sebastian, Ormazabal, Spain


New HV/LV transformer substation within building intended for other non electrical uses with advanced functionalities
J Cormenzana, S Sebastian, Ormazabal, Spain


Mastering all sub-assemblies of an MV circuit-breaker and racking truck system ensures reliability and robustness
D Serve, T Milan, C Mombard, J P Meley, E Frangin, Schneider Electric, France


DC vacuum circuit breaker
L Liljestrand, M Backman, L Jonsson, ABB, Sweden, M Riva, ABB, Italy, E Dullni, ABB, Germany


Environmental and safety aspects of AirPlus insulated GIS
M Hyrenbach, ABB AG, Germany, T A Paul, ABB Ltd, Switzerland, J Owens, 3M Company, United States


Safety features in the design of MV circuit-breakers and switchboards
D Fulchiron, J-P Meley, P Pulfer, Schneider-Electric, France


Transferred charge: indicator for vacuum applicability
M Leusenkamp, Eaton, China, G C Schoonenberg, Eaton, Netherlands


Innovative underground distribution cabinet for low voltage network
N Santos, M Lagarto, C Rodrigues, EDP Distribuição, Portugal


Influence of heat source location on the air temperatures in sealed MV switchgear
E Fjeld, W Rondeel, K Vaagsaether, University College of Southeast Norway, Norway, E Attar, ABB, Norway


Estimating the temperature rise of load break switch contacts in enclosed MV switchgear
E Fjeld, W Rondeel, S T Hagen, University College of Southeast Norway, Norway, M Saxegaard, ABB, Norway


Mitigate gas combustion in case of internal arc
J Douchin, Schneider Electric, France, Y Cressault, Toulouse University, France, R Danjoux, FLIR, France


Extreme weather has become the norm - is your MV switchgear ready for it?
K Tandel, Schneider Electric, India, T Cormenier, Schneider Electric, France


Hazard study of MV switchgear with SF6 alternative gas in electrical room
C Preve, R Maladen, Schneider Electric, France, G Lahaye, T Penelon, INERIS, France, M Richaud, S Galas, Universite De Montpellier, France


Application of HFO1234zeE in MV switchgear as SF6 alternative gas
C Preve, R Maladen, Schneider Electric, France, D Piccoz, Piccoz SASU, France


Meeting ecodesign efficiency requirements: ensuring accuracy in power transformer loss tests via TLM system calibrations
G Rietveld, E Houtzager, M Acanski, D Hoogenboom, VSL, Netherlands


Pressure oscillation due to arcs in a closed container filled with air and SF6
M Kotari, T Tadokoro, S I Tanaka, M Iwata, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan


Comparative study on arc extinction process under air, CO2 and SF6 gas blasting using two-dimensional electron density imaging sensor
Y Inada, Saitama University, Japan, S Yamaguchi, A Kumada, H Ikeda, K Hidaka, The University of Tokyo, Japan, T Nakano, K Murai, Y Tanaka, Kanazawa University, Japan


Low-current interruption in SF6-alternatives
M Saxegaard, E Attar, M Kristoffersen, H Landsverk, O Granhaug, ABB, Norway, A Di-Gianni, S Scheel, ABB, Switzerland


RMU with eco-efficient gas mixtures: field experience
M Kristoffersen, T Endre, M Saxegaard, P A Wang, ABB, Norway, M Hyrenbach, ABB, Germany, D Harmsen, T V Rijn, R Vosse, Liander, Netherlands


Mitigate arc effects within an E-house
J Douchin, A Clavel, Schneider Electric, France, A Brown, Schneider Electric, Singapore, J Rintala, Schneider Electric, Finland


Characteristics of g3 - an alternative to SF6
Y Kieffel, F Biquez, D Vigouroux, P Ponchon, GE Grid Solutuions, France, A Schlernitzauer, R Magous, G Cros, University of Montpellier, France, J G Owens, 3M, United States


Holistic evaluation of the performance of today's SF6 alternatives proposals
S Kosse, P G Nikolic, G Kachelriess, Siemens AG, Germany


Stress on outer cable connection of MV gas insulated switchgear due to cable thermal expansion at rated current
J Snajdr, R Huck, P Novak, Schneider Electric, Germany, J P Bentley, Schneider Electric, France


Difference between switching of motors & generators with vacuum technology
K R Venna, H Urbanek, N Anger, Siemens AG, Germany


Developing testing procedures for high voltage innovation technologies
D Hardman, N Murdoch, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, United Kingdom, J Berry, Western Power Distribution, United Kingdom


How to select auxiliary relays for isolation applications
N Calvo Cuadra, S Rementeria, Arteche, Spain, R Calister, Arteche, Brazil


Power hardware-in-the-loop setup for power system stability analyses
R Brandl, T Degner, Fraunhofer IWES, Germany, M Calin, DERlab e.V., Germany


A high short-circuit impedance power transformer versus short-circuit limiting reactance
M Zouiti, Enedis, France, A Kirche, O Moreau, EDF, France

Block 3: Management and Architecture Evolution of the installed base of network components – Cables and their environment


Introducing the new product line of regulated distribution transformer Cooperation of Siemens AG and A. Eberle GmbH & Co. KG.
S H Hoppert, A Eberle GmbH & Co. KG., Germany, L K Kelemen, Z N Nádudvari, G V Vörös, Siemens, Hungary


Power router based on conventional three phase bridge inverter and DC-DC converter
L Ren, C Zhang, M Du, Tianjin University of Technology, China


Field trial results of power electronics in LV distribution networks
C Newton, S C Terry, Ricardo Energy & Environment, United Kingdom, P Lang, UK Power Networks, United Kingdom


A novel micro PMU for distribution power lines
X Wang, X Xie, S Zhang, L Luo, Y Liu, G Sheng, X Jiang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), China, X Cheng, Beijing Electric Power Research Institute, China


Line voltage regulator based on magnetic-controlled inductors for low voltage grids
M Holt, J Maasmann, C Rehtanz, TU Dortmund University, Germany


Fault sensors
M Scarabeli, G Ortenzi, J Aith, Elektro, Brazil


Managing the maturity of decision-support data for extending lives of MV cables
Q Zhuang, GEIRI Europe SGCC, Germany, J Janssen, N Steentjes, Liander, Netherlands


Beyond grid integration of renewables - Voltage Regulation Distribution Transformers (VRDT) in public grids, at industrial sites, and as part of generation units
M Sojer, W Hofer, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH, Germany


Compatibility of a G3PLC telecom solution on a three phase 230 V network
H Halluin, H Grandjean, ORES, Belgium, G Ethève, Enedis, France, A Jeandin, EDF R&D, France


Contribution of augmented reality to the maintenance of network equipment
M Cordonnier, S Martino, C Boisseau, S Paslier, J P Recapet, F Blanc, Enedis, France, B Augustin, EDF R&D, France


Evaluation of the mountability of the medium voltage accessories
H Tanzeghti, A Kirche, Enedis, France


Maintenance of street lights by climbing robots in Alborz Electric Power Distribution Company
N Eskandari, M Rafiei, E Abooei, AEPCS, Iran, B Jamshidieini, AEPCS, Iran, Tehran University, Iran


LVDC RULES - technical specifications for public LVDC distribution network
P Nuutinen, T Kaipia, J Karppanen, A Mattsson, A Lana, A Pinomaa, P Peltoniemi, J Partanen, Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), Finland, M Luukkanen, Ensto Finland Oy, Finland, T Hakala, Elenia Oy, Finland


Accurate on-line fault location and PD activity location results obtained with SCG - a long term utility experience
D Harmsen, S Lamboo, F Van Minnen, Alliander, Netherlands, P Wagenaars, DNV GL, Netherlands


Using smart grid sensors and advanced software applications as an asset management tool at Hydro Ottawa
D Sabin, Electrotek Concepts, United States, G MacLeod, Current Power Services, Canada, M Wojdan, Hydro Ottawa, Canada


Sensor technology in a medium voltage switchgear for the US market applications
P Milovac, IEM, United States, R Javora, ABB, Czech Republic, V Skendzic, SEL, United States


Continous safeguarding of rating accuracy
M Olschewski, P Schaefer, W Hill, LIOS Technology GmbH, Germany


Improve the reliability of MV underground links by using long cable
H Tanzeghti, Enedis, France, Y Brument, F Gaillard, EDF R&D, France


Full-scale case study of a road crossing thermal bottleneck in a buried MV cable installation
E Eberg, S M Hellesø, S Hvidsten, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway, K Espeland, REN AS, Norway


A new smart distribution transformer with OLTC for low carbon technologies integration
L Del Río Etayo, A Soto, A Ulasenka, ORMAZABAL Corporate Technology, Spain, P Lauzevis, ENEDIS, France, P Cirujano, G Perez De Nanclares, ORMAZABAL COTRADIS, Spain


Opportunities to use satellite technologies for asset condition monitoring of power networks under the European Space Agency's Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) programme
I Downey, ESA IAP Ambassador Platform, United Kingdom, M Segovia, C Harrison, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom


Low-power voltage transformers for use with separable connectors in MV secondary gas insulated switchgear - new challenge for standardisation
R Javora, V Prokop, ABB s.r.o., Czech Republic, E De Ridder, S Mensaert, Nexans, Belgium


Analysis of failure in power cables for preventing power outage in Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company in Egypt
A Attia, Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company, Egypt


Cyclic rating of wind farm cable connections
R Chippendale, J Pilgrim, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, A Kazerooni, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, United Kingdom, D Ruthven, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Complete MV-BPL communications solution for large AMI and grid automation deployments
J Aguirre Valparis, A Amezua, J A Sanchez, Ormazabal, Spain, A Sendin, J Simon, Iberdrola, Spain, S Dominiak, HSLU, Sitzerland


Steady-state modelling for the integration of a bi-directional AC-DC-AC flexible power link
J King, N Murdoch, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, United Kingdom, J Berry, Western Power Distribution, United Kingdom


Information and communication architecture for transmission power line inspections using unmanned aircraft system
R Z Homma, Celesc, Brazil, C SzymanskiInerge/Evoluma, Brazil, R Ávila Faraco, Inerge/Unisul, Brazil


Improving reliability by focusing on the quality and condition of medium voltage cables and cable accessories
O Siirto, J Vepsäläinen, A Hämäläinen, M Loukkalahti, Helen Electricity Network Ltd, Finland


Analysis of the recognition and localisation techniques of power transmission lines components in aerial images acquired by drones
R Z Homma, Celesc, Brazil, O SohnR C Bose, INERGE, Brazil


Survey of market prospects and standardisation development needs of LVDC technology
T Kaipia, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, P Sebellin, International Electrotechnical Commission, Switzerland, V Mahendru, Legrand India, India, K Hirose, NTT Facilities, Japan, W De Kesel, Legrand Group, Belgium, G Luber, R Pelta, Siemens AG, Germany, D Goswami, Bureau of Indian Standards, India

Block 4 : Solutions for managing the installed base of network components – Substations


Improvement of duval triangle 1
S Spremić, EPS Technical Centre Novi Sad, Serbia


Battery anomaly and degradation diagnosis for renewable energy plant
J Zhang, L Geng, Y Ma, Hitachi (China) Research & Development Corporation, China


Dealing with in-field repair tasks of large power transformers
J L Martínez, Edenor, Argentina


Monitoring systems for secondary substations - a comparative study
J Johansson, H Sporre, L Selberg, O Hansson, Ellevio AB, Sweden


Combining statistics and physics to rank circuit breakers on condition
E Tazelaar, D Breteler, J van Tongeren, Alliander, Netherlands, R Stijl, Bearing Point, Netherlands


Analysis of rusty closed type switchgears
K Morii, Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc. Japan


Smart asset management using online monitoring
D Courtney, Embedded Monitoring Systems, United Kingdom, J Livie, Scottish Power Energy Networks, United Kingdom, T Littler, Queen's University, United Kingdom


Design and demonstration of a wireless sensor network platform for substation asset management
N T Huynh, ECE Associates Ltd, United Kingdom, V Robu, D Flynn, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom, S Rowland, G Coapes, Siemens, United Kingdom


Experience of the applications of FRA methodology to evaluate short-circuit tests in distribution transformers
D Tourn, S Nesci, J C Gomez, L Sanchez, UNRC, Argentina


Frequency response analysis for exact power transformer impedance
M Hiraide, T Nakajima, T Koshizuka, Tokyo Denki University, Japan, H Ikeda, Y Taniguchi, E Haginomori, The University of Tokyo, Japan, N Harid, N Al Sayari, B Barkat, A Devadiga, The Petroleum Institute, United Arab Emirates


How to control the impact of the severe environments surrounding medium voltage switchgear
T Cormenier, P Veuillet, V Ferraro, Schneider Electric, France


An innovative approach towards an algorithm for automated defect recognition for on-load tap changers
F Riaz, J Wetzer, DNV GL Energy, Netherlands, A Rodrigo Mor, TU Delft, Netherlands


Modular online monitoring system to allow condition based maintenance for medium voltage switchgear
K Perdon, M Scarpellini, S Magoni, L Cavalli, ABB S.p.A, Italy


Maximise asset availability and reduce maintenance costs - an integrated approach combining condition assessment with data analytics
A Hauser, B Fenski, ABB AG, Germany, L Cavalli, ABB SpA, Italy


Comparisons of transformer top oil temperature calculation models using support vector regression optimised by genetic algorithm
T Qian, W H Tang, W J Jin, South China University of Technology, China, L Gan, Y Q Liu, G J Lu, Guangzhou Power Supply Co. Ltd., Guangzhou, China


Fault diagnosis of high-voltage circuit breakers using wavelet packet technique and support vector machine
W J Jin, W H Tang, T Qian, T Y Ji, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China, L Gan, Y Q Liu, G J Lu, Guangzhou Power Supply Co. Ltd., China


Data analysis of battery storage systems
M Andoni, W Tang, V Robu, D Flynn, Heriot Watt University, United Kingdom


Evaluation of lifetime of air insulated switchgear versus service conditions in MV substations
Y Tits, H Van Lijsebeth, Laborelec, Belgium, W Demaesschalck, W Van Vaerenbergh, Eandis, Belgium, P Thiry, Ores, Belgium, B Godeau, Elia, Belgium, M van den Berg, Sibelga, Belgium


Design and successful utilisation of the first multi-purpose mobile distributed energy storage system in Iran
N Nakhodchi, N Aghli, S Alishahi, M H Pourarab, MEEDC, Iran


Reliability measures: failure and root cause analysis (FRCA) for GIS early failure
M Lee, M Park, Y Kim, LSIS, South Korea


A novel approach for wide area real time health condition assessment of the power circuit breakers
L Maruša, A Souvent, S Vižintin, EIMV, Slovenia, R Maruša, ELES d.o.o., Slovenia


Analysis of condition and risk based maintenance planning for MV/LV substations
P Köhn, A Schnettler, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, N Schultze, SAG GmbH, Germany


Switchgear operating personnel safety upgrade solutions for aged installed base
C Gemme, P Bassi, G Magno, ABB, Italy


Advance control and monitoring in secondary substation - project UPGRID
S Noske, D Falkowski, ENERGA-OPERATOR SA, Poland, A Babs, Institute of Power Engineering, Poland


New soft sensors for distribution transformer monitoring
J F Tissier, J Cornet, ITRON, France


SPEN switchgear life extension strategy
A Santandreu, D Neilson, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Management and easy communication of temperature rise on distribution cast resin transformers connections linked to network during the life of transformer and/or after installation
A Hammen, G Ranalletta, C Macri, Schneider Electric, France


Field testing of a wideband monitoring concept at MV side of secondary substation
B A Siddiqui, P Pakonen, P Verho, TUT, Finland


Power and asset monitoring strategy to facilitate a smart network
A Elena de Leonardo, K Lennon, A Beddoes, M Bebbington, SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Natural esters for life and capacity enhancement of distribution transformers
R Pillai, F Havaldar, C Chitnis, The Tata Power Company Ltd, India


Economical and practicable condition assessment of MV- and LV- distribution grids
C Johae, D Beerboom, E Pawlowski, M Zdrallek, Wuppertal University, Germany, N Schultze, SAG GmbH, Germany, R Timmreck, Stadtwerke Iserlohn GmbH, Germany


Application of enhanced thermal ratings to primary substation transformers
I Elders, K Bell, University of Strathclyde, United Kindgom, K Smith, A Collinson, Scottish Power Energy Networks, United Kingdom


Teardown of a compact distribution transformer after twelve years of severe loading conditions
V Vasconcellos, CPFL Energia, Brazil, A Sbravati, Cargill CIS, Brazil, K J Rapp, Cargill CIS, United States, L C Zanetta Jr, PEA USP, Brazil


Improving Asset Management with Online Partial Discharge Monitoring of Ring Main Units and Secondary Substations
C Eastham, D Longo, K Tavernier, L Pickford, IPEC Ltd., United Kingdom


Experimental study of dynamic thermal behaviour of an 11 kV distribution transformer
R Villarroel, Q Liu, Z Wang, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom


Health index as condition estimator for power system equipment: A critical discussion and case study
J H Jürgensen, A Scheutz Godin, P Hilber, KTH, Sweden


Power transformer’s monitoring system for better asset management
S Ceferin, G Janc, Kolektor Sisteh d.o.o., Slovenia, Z Toroš, T Kastelic, Elektro Primorska d.d., Slovenia, B Prašnikar, Kolektor Etra d.o.o., Slovenia


Managing on-load tap changer life cycle in TNB Distribution Power Transformers
Y Z Yang Ghazali, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia