joint working groups

CIGRE-CIRED Joint Working Groups

  • C1/C6.37/CIRED - Optimal transmission and distribution investment decisions under increasing energy scenario uncertainty
    Convenor : Juan Carlos Araneda - Co-Convener : Fabrizio Pilo ♦ started in October 2017

  • C4.42 - Continuous assessment of low-order harmonic emissions from customer installations
    Convenor: Igor Papic (CIGRE) ♦ started in May 2015

  • C4.40 - Revisions to IEC Technical Reports 61000-3-6, 61000-3-7, 61000-3-13, and 61000-3-14
    Convenor: Mark Halpin ♦ started in January 2015

  • CC.2013/1.C4C635 - Modeling and dynamic performance of inverter based generation in power system transmission and distribution studies
    Co-Convenors  Herwig Renner (CIRED), Koji Yamashita (CIGRE) ♦ started in March 2014
    Final report available here

  • A3.32/CIRED - Non-intrusive methods for condition assessment of distribution and transmission switchgears
    Convenor: Nenad Uzelac (CIGRE and CIRED) ♦ started in December 2013
    Final report available here

  • CC.2013/2.C129 - Planning criteria for Future Transmission Networks in the presence of a greater variability of  power exchange with distribution systems
    Convenor  Riccardo Lama (CIRED) - CIGRE Liaison: John Wilson ♦ started in March November 2013
    Final report available here

  • B3.35/CIRED - Substation earthing system design optimisation through the application of quantified risk analysis
    Convenor: Bill Carman (CIGRE) - CIRED Liaison: Lothar Fickert ♦ started in September 2013
    Final report available here

  • C4.24/CIRED - Power Quality and EMC Issues associated with future electricity networks
    Convenor: Francisc Zavoda (CIGRE-CIRED) ♦ started in September 2013
    Final report available here
  • C6.25/B5 - Control and Automation Systems for Electricity Distribution Networks of the Future
    Convenors: Giuseppe Mauri (CIGRE) - Fabrizio Pilo (CIRED)  ♦  started in April 2013
    Final report available here

  • C6.26/B5 - Protection of Distribution System with Distributed Energy Resources
    Convenors: Paul Myrda (CIGRE) - Wolfgang Gawlik (CIRED) ♦ started in April 2013
    Final report available here

  • C4.112 - Guidelines for Power quality monitoring - measurement locations, processing and presentation of data
    Convenor: Jovica Milanovic (CIGRE-CIRED) ♦ started in February 2011
    Final report available for CIRED Community members. Please contact the CIRED Secretariat and request your password