EDGE control in MV distribution grids - WG 2023-4




Due to the undergoing electrification process, electrical grids must ensure more reliable and high-quality electricity to achieve the energy transition. In this context, remote control has become increasingly strategic in distribution networks to improve service quality and decrease operational costs.
The heart of the remote-control system for medium voltage (MV) grids is mainly composed of a SCADA system, one or more communication links between the SCADA and secondary substations (e.g. GSM, LTE, Fiber Optic), remote terminal units, uninterruptible power supplies with a back-up battery system and MV switchgears. For the proper functioning of the remote-control system, all these elements have to work correctly by guaranteeing the best possible performance. The technology choice can strongly impact the entire system's performance.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and methodologies used to measure remote-control performance in terms of availability, technical and operational effectiveness are essential to understand any weaknesses from technological and operational points of view, find best practices to be applied and possible improvements.


The Working Group will develop a benchmarking focus on best practices, use/business cases and trends involving edge control of medium voltage distribution networks.
The first objective is to deliver an overview of the most important KPIs for measuring remote-control performance regarding availability, security, technical and operational effectiveness and current benchmark values. A second objective is to cover issues related to existing remote-control systems, such as used communication technologies and equipment.
Conveners :
Amicarelli Elvira, Enel, Italy
Mattei Marco, Enel Grids O&M, Italy

Members :

Da Silva Pereira Paulo Ricardo, Escola Politécnica, Brazil
El-Amary Noha, Arab Academy for science technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt
Hasanien Hany Mohamed, Ain Shams University, Egypt
Kataja Jani, ABB, Finland
Kurtiš Jan, CEZ Distribuce, Czech Republic
Nashaat Wahba El-khanagry Mina, South Delta Electricity Company, Egypt
O’ Mahony Luke, ESB Networks, Ireland
Onori Gianluca, Enel, Italy
Pike Steve, National Grid, United Kingdom
Raczka Sebastian,TU Dortmund University, Germany
Ran Chen, State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute, China
Rufini Daniele, Enel, Italy
Strasser Thomas, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
Tran Quoc Tuan, CEA, France
Trémillon Julien, Enedis, France
Vandrovec Pavel, CEZ Distribuce, Czech Republic
Werner Thomas, Siemens, Germany
Zalaznik Nina, Landis+Gyr, Switzerland
Zivkovic Stevan, CEDIS, Montenegro