Digital Solutions for maintenance - WG 2018-4



A considerable acceleration of the development of digital technologies has occurred in recent years. Many examples of the integration of these technologies in business processes exist, which makes it possible to establish a first state of the art and to envisage future prospects. Digital technologies could, according to some experts, lead to fully rethink the industrial enterprise, with concepts like "factory 4.0".
In the area of distribution networks, solutions based on new digital technologies will make an important contribution to addressing the many challenges that DSOs face, such as the integration of renewable energies, new uses such as e-mobility, renewal of skills, safety, relations with customers, asset optimization, maintenance of equipment, ...


Focusing on the diagnosis and maintenance of network components, the objective of the working group will be to establish an overview of the current state of the art of the contribution of different digital solutions to these activities. The practical implementation of innovative digital soltuions by DSOs will be analysed, covering both fully industrial and still experimental implementation depending on  the maturity of the technology.
Targeted technologies are primarily the most recent digital ones and include : new data analysis methods (artificial intelligence, image processing, ...), augmented reality, IoT, ...
The working group will seek to quantify the impact of these technologies on the efficiency of maintenance and the optimization of equipment renewal, and to identify the prerequisites for their integration into business processes, the complexity of this integration and the conditions of their social acceptance.
Future perspectives will be drawn.

Conveners :

Michel Grégory, EDF - France

Members :            

Augustin Bertrand, EDF - France
Bretteville Marc, Schneider Electric - France
Dupont Maxime, Enedis - France
Faria Joana, University of Coimbra - Portugal
Franco Javier, UFD - Spain
Ihonen Turo, Elenia - Finland
Kildani Mirco, E-Distribuzione - Italy
Kong Xiangyu, Tianjin University - China
Kutý Tomáš, E.ON DISTRIBUCE - Czech Republic
Lenz Lukas, Stromnetz Hamburg - GermanyLzicar Petr, Prazska energetika, a.s. - Czech Republic
Mariano Junior Rubens, Elektro - BrazilSanta Filho Joselino, EDP Brasil - Brazil
Mishra Sambeet, Tallinn University of Technology - Estonia
Palmumaa Petteri, Caruna - FinlandSarfraz Bilal, ABB - Germany
Sun Chao, NR Electric Co., Ltd - China
Wen Fushuan, Zhejiang University - China