What are the benefits to be a CIRED participant or a member in a Committee ?

The following benefits can be obtained by taking part in a CIRED event and/or being a member of a Working Group or a Session Advisory Group. For further information, please contact Michele Delville.

1)      To have the possibility of being continuously updated about innovation in technologies, management and organizational issues across the distribution business;

2)      To have the possibility of meeting distribution experts and managers from all over the world;

3)      To have the possibility of meeting new customers/suppliers;

4)      To share best practices;

5)      To present your work to a huge number of experts;

6)      To have hundreds of papers and presentations available representing the status of the art of the distribution business;

7)      To find possible solutions for both the everyday problems and the new challenges in managing activities related to the distribution network.

8)      To have an opportunity to influence future developments in the business contribution when being a member of a Working Group or SAG. 

9)      To establish/maintain a large contact network with skilled experts in all fields related to electricity distribution. This will speed up and align results more quickly.

10)   CIRED is an arena to promote and argue for a certain position in the technical system or electricity market perspective.