Technical and non-technical losses




Regarding distribution networks, annual electricity losses are on average at about 2 to 12% in the European Union countries according to ERGEG Position Paper on Treatment of Losses by Network Operators.
In the same time, the European Energy Efficiency Directive (Art. 15.2) requires all Member States to assess the potential for energy efficiency and to specify measures to improve it. Losses reduction becomes a real stake for all European countries.

Last developments in technologies bring several promising solutions contributing to a full process improvement. For instance, smart metering roll-out and availability of new sensors make potentially available a large number of operational data on the grid; IT and data mining techniques make possible to manage such a huge volume of data to asses and locate losses; and many interesting tracks are on investigation to reduce losses, either based on new components or innovative operation mode.


The group will focus first on distribution networks in European countries but could enlarge the analysis to the rest of the world, depending on the available information.
A first objective of the group is to deliver an overview of the main challenges regarding losses assessment and reduction. It will take into account the recent evolutions in the network, in a technical point of view (more Distributed Energy Resources connected for instance) and regulatory point of view (European Directive for instance). It includes all kind of losses, technical and non technical.
A second objective is to deliver an overview of existing and emerging solutions taking into account last available technologies.

Group specific activities will be broken up as follows:
1. Identify the different methodologies currently used to valuate both technical and non technical losses
2. Identify the main regulatory frames and corresponding incentives and roadblocks
3. For different networks, write the “state-of-the-art” principles to identify, locate and limit losses.
4. Based on ERGEG position paper, identify and benchmark best practices for losses treatment
5. Describe and position emerging techniques and methods to reduce losses in their application framework

Convener :
Toravel Yann, Enedis, France

Members :
Kirba Benoît, ERDF, France
Andreas Beutel, Eskom, South Africa
Jeanneau Damien, Sicame, France
Vigliano Daniele, Enel, Italy
Pannunzio Giuseppe, CESI, Italy
Skrt Gregor, Elektro Primorska, Slovenia
Jurse Jurij, Elektro Primorska, Slovenia
Luan Wenpeng, China Electric Power Research Institute, China
Safanda Martin, CEZ Distribuce, Czech Republic
Nerea Ruiz, Iberdrola, Spain
Ortiz Olga, Endesa, Spain
Mousinho Pedro, EDP, Portugal
Canto Ramon, Enel, Italy
Caire Raphaël, University of Grenoble, France
Bhargav Swaminathan, University of Grenoble, France

Click here to download the final report (ISSN 2684-1088) and here for a short summary