Storage technologies - WG 2019-4




Storage solutions are considered as one of the main technologies needed to allow the energy transition and a large share of storage units will most probably be connected to distribution systems. Around the world, and particularly in Europe, hundreds of projects are under development, based on different technologies and connected to different layers of the electrical system (generation, transmission, distribution and customers).


The working group will investigate: 

  • How to integrate storage facilities in distribution networks;
  • Challenges associated with the modelling of storage in network planning and operation;
  • How to improve system flexibility using storage solutions;
  • How to promote safe and reliable operation for the system and for the OSO;
  • Ownership/development/management/operation of energy storage facilities;
  • Business and use cases taking into consideration:
    a. Network investment deferral;
    b. Quality of technical service;
    c. Frequency contrai and voltage regulation;
    d. Backup;
    e. Technical lasses reduction;
    f. Peak-shaving;
    g. Storage technologies as an opportunity for isolated microgrids;
    h. The impact of the way storage units are used on their ageing.


Storage solutions connected before and after meter will be covered. 
Both technical and regulatory issues will be addressed. 
Existing demonstration projects should be presented including, when available, lessons learned from these projects. 

The Working Group will analyse what could speed up or hamper the development and the large-scale implementation of such solutions 

Convener :

Santos Ricardo Jorge, E-REDES, Portugal
Almeida Berardo, E-REDES, Portugal

Members :

Carvalho Leonel, INESC TEC, Portugal
Cho Sung-Min, KEPRI, Korea
Ismael Miranda, EFACEC, Portugal
Jang Suhyeong, LSIS, Korea
Kienberger Thomas, University of Leoben, Austria
Lískovec Martin, PREdistribuce, a.s., Czech republic
Moravek Jan, PREdistribuce, a.s., Czech republic
Najafi Ravadanegh Sajad, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Iran
Palizban Omid, ABB, Finland
Santos Ricardo Jorge, EDP Distribuicão, Portugal
Sossan Fabrizio, MINES ParisTech, France
Turha Boris, Elektro Ljubljana d.d., Slovenia
Varela Jesús, Iberdrola, Spain
Wering Chris, Cooper Power Systems Division, Australia

Click here to download the final report (ISSN 2684-1088)