Smart secondary substations



Secondary substation is getting more and more strategic in MV and LV networks to achieve service quality improvement due to its key role in power flow monitoring, DER management and network automation and control.
It implies a significant activity on secondary substations investigating new solutions for technological improvement of concrete structures, MV and LV equipment, MV/LV transformers, protection system, remote control devices and auxiliary components.
These goals involve the exploration of existing functionalities of apparatus actually used by utilities, to create a new substation model with reliable power components, high performance protection schemes, efficient flow monitoring system and trusty communication infrastructures, thus optimizing the overall control of distribution network in order to:
- manage energy flows and voltage profiles according to load and DER needs
- ensure fast reconfiguration after a failure
- identify and pursue efficiency opportunities.
With these goals in mind all devices and their features must be integrated into a global architecture of MV and LV network control, communicating with a central system that manages information and allows remote operation on them. Devices’ features must be apt to work in different secondary substation topologies.


The working group will investigate solutions adopted in different networks, highlighting each one’s specific advantages.
Group specific activities will be broken up as follows:
1. Assess most common, both traditional and “state-of-the-art”, MV and LV components, MV/LV transformers and protection systems, remote control devices and auxiliary components, comparing them in terms of capability, performance, reliability, expected life-time and cost-efficiency;
2. Provide an overview of future tendencies in “smart” secondary substation components, as resulting from ongoing innovation projects and CIRED acts and papers;
3. Outline expected benefits.

Convener :
Luca Giansante, Enel, Italy

Members :            

Andreella Gianni, Enel Distribuzione, Italy
Calone Roberto, Enel Distribuzione, Italy
Carlsen Jon Bjarte, BKK Nett, Norway
Chollot Yves, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, France
Dominici Giovanni, Enel Distribuzione, Italy
Friedrich Wolfgang, Bilfinger Mauell GmbH, Germany
Garabieta Iñaki, ARTECHE, Spain
Holmlund Jarkko, ABB, Finland
Invernizzi Pierluigi, ABB, Italy
Jaureguibeitia Eduardo, ZIV, Spain
Lamanna Domenico, Enel Distribuzione, Italy
Lozano Jose Antonio, Arteche, Spain
Mauri Flavio, Enel Distribuzione, Italy
Pérez Quesada Juan Carlos, MESA - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, Spain
Ragaini Enrico, ABB, Italy
Sánchez Ruiz Juan Antonio, ORMAZABAL, Spain
Schüpferling Bernd, Siemens, Germany
Siirto Osmo, Helen Electricity Network, Finland
Stiegler Martin, SAG GmbH, Germany
Tupy Ondrej, CEZ Distribuce, Czech Republic
van der Heijden Sjors, Enexis, The Netherlands
Votruba Stanislav, PRE Distribuce, Czech Republic

Click here to download the final report (ISSN 2684-1088) and here for a short summary