Flexibility in active distribution systems - WG 2019-3




The EU strang commitment to foster the development of renewable energy sources and efficient low carbon energy systems requires innovative solutions and an apprapriate regulatory framework. Flexibility services will contribute to balance supply and demand, manage congestions in transmission and distribution networks, contrai reactive power and regulate voltage. lt will imprave the efficiency of network operation and avoid unnecessary distribution network expansions..


The working group will investigate: 

  • How DSOs can evaluate network hosting capacity and the value of flexibilities;
  • Possible structure of markets relevant to flexibilities pravided by DER (Distributed Generation, Storage Systems and Active Demand) to DSOs and TSOs;
  • Possible options for information exchange at the different timescales among DER and System Operators (DSOs and TSOs), for the definition of the set of flexibility offers to select and for service activation;
  • Possible options for some key items to be included in contractual arrangements (rights and obligations of parties, duration, penalties in case of failure to deliver the service, performance level evaluation and contrai, ... )
  • What are the need and the design of data platforms managed by DSOs to enable flexibility;
  • Which distribution network tariff structures are most apprapriate to allow the development of flexibilities;
  • Which regulatory approaches encourage DSOs innovation and flexibility .

Sorne relevant existing demonstration projects and studies should be presented including, when available, lessons learned from these projects. 

Convener :

Martín F. David, i-DE Iberdrola Group, Spain

Members :

Bessa Ricardo, INESC TEC, Portugal
Bouzigon Benoit, Enedis, France
Hable Matthias, Eenso Netz GmbH, Germany
Haghifam Mahmoud-Reza, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran
Imboden Christoph, Lucerne School of engineering and architecture, Switzerland
Kienberger Thomas, University of Leoben, Austria
Kook Kyung Soo, Chonbuk National University, Korea
Krula Aleš, PREdistribuce, a.s., Czech Republic
Lassila Jukka, LUT University, Finland
Lim Il-Hyung, Power Distribution Research Center, Korea
Malot Alain, Schneider Electric, France
Michiorri Andrea, Mines ParisTech, France
Rewald Florian, TU Dortmund, Germany
Seongsoo Cho, Kepco, Korea
Sinkovec Tadej, Elektro Ljubljana d.d., Slovenia
Yun Sang-Yun, Chonnam National University, Korea

Click here to download the final report (ISSN 2684-1088) and here for a short summary.