Developments in LV network monitoring - WG 2023-2




Regulatory requirements and customer expectations of LV networks have changed over recent years. This is largely due to the presence of LV-connected Distributed Energy Resources, often rooftop solar PV, together with domestic heat pump and EV charger loads. Almost all LV networks have been operated as ‘run until failure’ but the change in expectations has led to revised LV monitoring and asset management strategies. These strategies vary according to the availability of real-time and historic data from a variety of sources, including but not limited to smart meters, distribution transformer or multi-feeder CADA/monitoring, GIS, and weather data.


The proposed Working Group will examine and report on specific Use Cases where the LV Networks delivers a positive business benefit to implement DSO or DNO vison for the smart grids.
Convener :
Hawkins David, IET, United Kingdom
Faria Joana, Eneida, Portugal

Members :

Abou Alyazied Ahmed Heba Ibrahim, Ministry of Electricity, Egypt
Arafa Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed, Ministry of Electricity and Renewable energy, Egypt
Bartolomei Lorenzo, REPL ITALIA SRL, Italy
Bychina Evgeniia, Israel Electric Corporation, Israel
Cerero Real de Asúa Ramon, Iberdrola, Spain
Chiu Stephen, Powerco, New Zealand
Curro Laurie, Consultant, Australia
Finkel Michael, Hochschule Augsburg, Germany
Hes Stanislav, CEZ Distribuce, Czech Republic
Jätz Christoph, Avacon Netz GmbH, Germany
Jupe Sam, Nortech Management Ltd, United Kingdom
Kafal Moussa, Nexans, France
Li Yutong, Shenzhen Institute, China
Pasker Jürgen, KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH, Austria
Pimpinella Laura, Enel Italia Spa, Italy
Ramon Marin Miquel Angel, Enel Grids, Spain
Sanfilippo Adolfo, CESI, Italy
Schwierz Thomas Christoph, TU Dortmund, Germany
Urquhart Andrew, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Wael Abd El-Aziz Al-Dosokey, Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, Egypt
Wende-von-Berg Sebastian, Fraunhofer IEE, Germany
Wild Jean, Schneider Electric, France
Zhuravlov Ivan, Sicame Group, France