Governing structure

CIRED's governing structure consists of :

  • The Directing Committee , DC which provides general governance for CIRED
  • The Advisory Committee, AC which prepares the meetings of the DC, and carries out tasks delegated to it by the DC
  • The Technical Committee, TC which governs technical activities in general, and provides technical structure and content
    to the biennial conferences

Supporting structure

CIRED's supporting structure consists of :

  • The National Committees, NC, and The Liaison Committees, LC, which are the links to local engagement in CIRED
  • Session Advisory Groups – SAG which advise the session chairmen in performing their tasks


The Directing Committee elects CIRED's officers. They are :

  • Chairman of the DC, who is also chairman of the AC
  • Chairman of the TC

CIRED's officers are elected at the regular annual meeting in odd years, for a two year period. Officers may be re-elected for
a second two-year period, but the total length of service may not exceed four years. CIRED officers may, but do not have to,
be members of CIRED.

Present CIRED organisation